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  1. So I went to my Dermatologist today for my monthly check up. I received very disappointing news. She could not extend my course as I was at the dose limit - so I had been on Accutane for five months at 60MG. I have not cleared up at all. She had hoped that I would, too. However, she did say that I have a month left (because it stays in my system that long), and to continue the leftover pills and hope that I will clear up in that month. I can't take another Accutane course until 2-3 months.. and
  2. lol at mcdonalds there was this guy cussing and he sounded JUST LIKE Shaggy 2 Dope. lololol

  3. As far as I know, it does not. I'm not talking about Accutane-related sickness, anyways. I have a sucky immune system as it is. And as for the throat, I hope it's better today. If you take a look and it's like burnt red and white stuff all over your throat, then it could be strep. If you go to the doc and they'll do a rapid strep test, and swab the back of yur throat. But usually a headache, fever, or in my case, chills, come with it. Or it could just be drainage. And as for it swaying my
  4. I had went to the doc and I had Strep Throat + an Ear Infection... fun, huh!? It took forever, and the pain was almost UNBEARABLE.. most painful ear infection I have ever had in my life! Haha. What kinda sick do you have?
  5. My mom wants me to take multivitamins, but i'm pretty sure that they contain Vitamin A. I told her that I can't take Vitamin A on Accutane, because that's what I have read and heard (since Accutane is basically Vitamin A, right?) Well, my mom called my Dermatologist to ask and she said I could... I'm feeling pretty skeptical.. would anybody like to fill me in? I really don't want to take Vitamin A if it will screw up my course.
  6. ummm oil don't ya just love it. Glad to see you havnt melted or spawned a new limb yet, keep it up! Grew an extra hand but everyone's always asking for one anyway, so I'm not complaining. ROFL, I laughed about the Aquaphor and Cortizone joke. Good one
  7. I think I have Strep throat.. yay. Does this mean I will have to get off of my course so I can take Antibiotics? I really don't want to screw up my course... can I take Antibiotics while on Accutane? I have the feeling the answer will be no.
  8. i am getting rash too! and they are on my hands!! and they look fugly, even strangers at the bus stop asked me sincerely if i got hurt T_____T Da da da daaa. Time for Cortizoneee.
  9. when they came out with their video game backyard wrestling, I loved the music and found it awesome.

  10. A friend of mine. you?

  11. how did u get into ICP?