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  1. I just wanted to let everyone know that the customer service I received from acnesupplies.com was outstanding. I would definitely recommend purchasing their product.. Thanks again Dan.
  2. i live in washington state and i ordered mine back in august and i still havent received it. i double checked the order receipt, and the shipping address is correct. i did email dan about this issue, but i havent had a reply yet ;/
  3. I ordered Dans BP gel almost a month ago and I still haven't received it. I don't know if it got lost in the mail, if the order got misplaced, or what happened, but I would save your money and order Acne On The Spot. It's kind of upsetting to pay for a product and not recieve it ;/
  4. just cleaning didnt work for me. ive been doing that for the last year or so and id still get quite a few spots. the number of breakouts i get now has been cut to a minimum since i started the regimen.
  5. its working well so far i typically apply bp 3 times in a row (night, day, night) then skip an application, or my skin gets too dry. its working pretty good thus far. hopefully the good results continue
  6. you know what sucks? thinking about when my skin used to be perfectly clear and taking it completely for granted. now i have to check my skin everytime i wanna go out and make sure its not 'too repulsive.' its hard to look at people with perfect skin and wonder what it must be like to have skin like that. i dont think they even realize how lucky they are. sigh
  7. so ive been on the regimen for about 7 days and im having pretty good results so far. ive only had 2 new spots come up since i started and theyre in obscure spots (corner of my nose and my eyebrow) so, so far so good. there could be more, but i dont look in the mirror the only downside has been the dryness and the irritation to my skin. so, hopefully it starts to subside.
  8. im not sure about the gel. i just ordered some a few days ago and i havent gotten it yet. popping whiteheads? i usually dont do it, cuz when i do, i get like 3-4 zits in place of the whitehead.
  9. zac


    ive been on the regimen since sunday night and my skin started to get really irritated/dry yesterday, so i took it easy on the BP last night and my skin feels a lot better today. id just suggest using less BP and dont forget to moisturize a lotttttttttttt. ..and on a side note, so far its working pretty good. only a few new spots have shown up and they seem to be healing quickly.
  10. i totally want to know how your accutane experience goes. make sure to keep us updated
  11. i agree as well. if youve broken 1 rule by missing a night, dont try to fix it by breaking another rule and doubling up on the doseage.
  12. there needs to be a "2 weeks off" option at work for people with acne.. while theyre trying new regimens having to go to work with inflamed, irritated skin isnt the best part of my day
  13. ok.. so this is my 5th day on the regimen and now my skin is starting to get irritated and itch quite a bit. im sure its red but i dont really want to look in the mirror to see it how long does this typically last? i dont know how long ill be able to handle it. any tips/suggestions about what i should do? maybe less bp for a while? i already loaded up on the moisturizer..
  14. what are the main benefits from using the eucerin product? like, what exactly does it do to your skin to make it so great?