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  1. Kimmy_Cup


  2. hah I'm going through the exact same thing and I'm a sophmore this year. Although, my anxiety isn't as bad as yours. I acutally started getting better with oral reports by volunteering to read, but I know how hard that can be with some people. My acne this year was extremely bad, but it's also the best year I've seen my face. My acne greatly reduced through the use of skin ID(check my pictures in my albums). But now that I have that issue over with, I'm left with dark hyper pigmentation (da
  3. since I was in fifth grade, I'm a sophmore now so about 5 years. It's going away now because of skinID and bio-oil. Check out my picture gallery that I update every saturday. It's amazing how much it's going away. :] But now I have hyper pigmentation and I'm hopeing bio-oil will help with that. It's so fustrating staring at my face when I look in the mirror. I hate how acne has affected me mentally and physically. I hope by senior year it will all be gone.
  4. The drying of your skin is most likely due to dan's regime since it uses benzoyl peroxide and if you don't use a good moisturizer the BP will definitely make your skin flaky. I use bio oil with my skinID which is kinda like Dan's regime since it basically uses benzoyl peroxide so I too got dry skin, but that's long gone now since Ive been using bio-oil as a moisturizer and a scar fader. Try it out if you want to, but it may cause some to break out so beware. (As for me, it hasn't broken me ou
  5. I've been using skindID for 2 months and 1 week and I started using bio-oil on my second week of using skindID because it dried my skin like hella bad. SkinID uses mostly benzoyl peroxide so that's probably one reason why my skin started flaking. Plus, it didn't come with a moisturizer. But I'm glad I decided to use bio oil and continued using skinID because, although my skin still has a lot of scars (that's because my acne was ridiculous! IT was all over my cheeks and horrible), it has great
  6. I have the same problem. They aren't really acne scars, but more of skin discoloration from post inflamatory pigmentation which is just caused from acne that has been healed. Nothing to worry about though. They'll eventually fade away, but it takes a long time depending on how dark your scars are. I have them all over my cheeks, but I use bio-oil which is helping them fade. (check out my pitures to see what I mean. :])
  7. BP can really get your skin dry so make sure to use your jajoba oil if it starts getting flaky. If you also have scars, but want a moisturizer you can use bio-oil instead of jajoba oil. I'm using SkinID and their line is mostly made of benzoyl peroxide so I know how drying it can be so I use bio-oil as a nice moisturizer and scar remover. (Check out my gallery to see the improvemets. You'll be amazed. WTF that sounded like a commercial. LOL) Okay anyways. hahah Hope it does good to you.
  8. wow your face is amazing. I tried PA, but it didnt work for me at all. I use skinID from neutrogena and it works so well for me. :] But now I have scars so I have no idea what to do. I'm using bio oil with my skinID as a moisturizer and a scar remover and it doesn't make me break out so I don't have to worry, but results are very slow. .>,<

  9. Yeah everyone tells me red marks go away if I just be patient, but the thiing is they never tell you how long. Lucky people have scars that only lasts for a few weeks. I just started getting scars. I had them before, but they somehow disappeared when I was using one of proactive's whitening lotion. I think it completely vanished my scars, but I had to stop using their products because they only made me break out more causing new scars to form. Now that I'm using bio-oil and skin ID I've not
  10. looks like they haven't uploaded my 8th week of using skinID. It should take a while so be patient. Otherwise that I have the pictures up until the 7th week.
  11. I'm using bio-oil and it seems to be working for me. I have pictures of my journey to clear acne in my gallery. I use skinID and it practically vanished my acne, but now I have scars all over my cheeks and it's depressing so I've been using bio-oil with my skinID for about 1.5 months. Not only that, but my skin was very dehydrated from skinID so I also use it as a moisturizer. I don't suggest it if you have combonation to oily skin because it may cause you to break out. I don't really know how
  12. It could be a cyst that's dug deep into your skin. You could ask your doctor about it and see if he could remove it. Also, I heard tea tree oil is good for cyst. I use to actually use it and it helped with my acne, but I stopped because I started using skinID because my aunt suggested it to me.(check out my gallery of pictures to see how well skinID is working for me. :])
  13. apple cider.... I'm starting to think I should start doing that. Just too see what happens. Hmmm I'll wait a few more months and then decide to start it.
  14. Thanks Talin for the nice message. Yeah, I guess DP didn't like the idea of my dad and her mom being together, but like I said before, we've been living with eachother for about 5 yrs. now and you'd think she'd figure they'd start doing something like that. I keep wondering why she would wait this long to finally complain. Talk about too late. I on the other hand have learned to accept their relationship. I guess it's just because I've learned to move on from my past. SO I can't really bla
  15. to UFOrescue- Yeah, I should learn to stand up for myself. I guess I'll have to work on that too. :] And yeah, I have a lock on my door and my dad has the spare key. I had it on for a while now since I lost my trust with my family too. >,< Life can be so complicated.