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  1. noo not really! im looking for things but i havent really found anything that worked! sorry!
  2. ya!! its only on my cheeks! no wheres else. its soooooo frusterating. and yeah ive tried aloe vera. didnt do too much. just helped a bit on day to day redness but nothing to fully get rid of it! hmm never heard about the hormone theory! know any more info on that? im interested. aha!
  3. yes i am on accutane. and it has been six months and a bit now!!! it seems like its taking forever
  4. yes like weird red marks it still looks like i have acne but my skin is like flat and smooth feeling and everything. like theres no inflammation anymore really. only a bit. any ideas how to make the red dots go away?
  5. just a quick question. what are some good ways to get rid of acne scarring on cheeks? any suggestions are good whether they are at home things or like medical procedures! thanks!
  6. this is how it happened for me.. to answer your first question: I had to get my blood tests back before my dermatologist was allowed to perscribe accutane to me! it sucked because i wanted it right away..but the blood tests dont take very long to be processed and given to your dermatologist. for your second question: the blood tests were left all up to me..but my dermatologist just makes sure that they get done once a month! i have to schedule my own blood tests at the hospital (which are fre
  7. well i normally take 80mg in the morning after i eat breakfast (either cereal or toast with peanut butter)...are those fatty enough? i have never heard of this "fatty meals" thing, but maybe it would help me! any suggestions of something that has a good amount of fat in it that i can take my pills with?
  8. okay well I am 17 years old, female, and 125 pounds. I am not sure how that would all work out, but hopefully I will see something after 8 months! were you ever on accutane?
  9. I will definitly stay with it for a few more months! But shouldn't I have noticed at least SOMETHING after 4 months?
  10. So I have been on accutane for 4 and a half months so far, taking 40 mg per day. But the weird thing is that nothing has happened! I barely have any side effects. I just have chapped lips and a dry nose. My face isn't even dry and the only other side effect I had was lower back pain, but it only lasted a few weeks. I went to my dermatologist to change my dosage and now I am taking 80 mg per day (started this a few days ago). I am worried that accutane won't work for me? Does that ever happe