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  1. Thanks a lot gobucks! I just sent you a message, by the way. Anybody else?
  2. Hi all, Immediately after the scab falls off after doing TCA CROSS... 1. Is the crossed area supposed to be red? How long will this redness take to subside? 2. I know the scar should look a little worse than what it looked like before it was crossed, but how long does it take for collagen to fill in and plump up the skin? When can one expect to see some results? Thanks!
  3. anybody? surely there have been people who have tried this treatment...
  4. Hello all, I have read many of the TCA CROSS threads on this website and have researched this procedure on other websites. However, I can't seem to find any clear indication as to whether TCA CROSS works on enlarged pores, scarred pores, or icepicks. All 3 of these types of scars seem to be similar, just different in size/depth, and I have a variety of them, for the most part, just over my cheeks caused by blackheads. Can anybody attest to the effectiveness of TCA CROSS on these types of sca