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  1. Hey adamrodrigues-I saw that you posted back in January some plans to follow Brent B's anti-candida/detox regimen. How did your plans go?

  2. its okay _jordan, Wynne tends to blame everyone of working for a company when you oppose BP, its kind of a paranoid reaction.
  3. its okay _jordan, Wynne tends to blame everyone of working for a company when you oppose BP, its kind of a paranoid reaction whenever someone tells the truth about it.
  4. try to stay away from using soaps or anything that foams to much, i think thats whats causing all those red bumps near the nose aswell as redness. you can try a low PH cleanser, or a gentle gel cleanser that is natural. more moisturizer would be a good idea too..good luck !
  5. im not going to fight with you Wynne, the last time i did you suspended my account.
  6. 5 whole days, wow! You're now a BP expert. At least that's what you say. yup it only took 5 whole days to notice the side-effects, probably because it was 5% BP. For some it probably takes longer if ever to see side-effects but for me it only took 5 days. I actually took pictures of my red face the first day on BP and 5 days after using BP.. You saw the first pic Wynne i remember you giving me advice on how to decrease the redness. i looked HORRIBLE. by the way i never said i was a BP
  7. I share your sentiments sbda, heres my story/experience with BP: I only used the BP regimen for 5 days, the first day my entire face was completely red, the 2nd day the redness went down and kept on with the regimen, the 3rd day i felt really dry and overprodution of oil started to become noticeable, by the time of the fifth day my entire T-zone area of the face felt extremely dry and extremely oily at the same time, my forehead started to feel like paper, the feeling of dry paper machet' on th
  8. I used this stuff twice and already see the difference in pore size and amount of blackheads (nose blackheads). Its called L'Bri Pure N' Natural facial masque, it feels like those nose strips but only its a gel and tightens up the area, you're supposed to leave it on for 10 minutes and wash off.. you will see immediate results! Great for of course blackheads and huge pores. worked for me, i just wish i had my camera to take before and after photos.
  9. First of all take this as a lesson, scrubs are bad especially with soft/delicate/normal skin like you have. Also soaps are harsh and irritating to the face, masks are not needed for people with normal/semi normal skin. Clean and clear is total garbage it probably is a foaming cleanser which makes people deep red and irritated like you know. You need a gentle moisturizer and gentle non-foaming cleanser, try L'bri Pure N' Natural products, they work great for my skin. i do believe all products
  10. never take a razor to acne lesions, you will create a red scar that will last for a long long time.
  11. I personally believe what you intake has nothing to do with acne, although fatty acids like primrose are good to keep the normal moisture, most of the time acne is due to what you put on your face. So with that in mind youll probably have alot more success in changing whatever you are using topically rather then trying to solve it internally.
  12. It could. Chlorine dries out the skin, much like benzoyl peroxide which is part benzoyl chloride.
  13. stop using harsh products on the face for one, all harsh detergents, soaps, oils, rubbing alcohols, chemicals, exfoliators, peels, microderm, laser, drugs etc. Choose a gentle cleanser, one that preferrably has a low PH around 4.5-5.8 range. Pick a cleanser that doesnt suds or foams.. If it has strange sounding chemicals avoid at all costs.
  14. try lbris facial masque *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *
  15. you seem really really flakey in the last photos on the chin area, maybe you need a good moisturizer since accutane really dries people out. Id treat the front of the face with moisturizer like a cream or a lotion (like in my sig) not the sides, the sides seem to be really oily + cystic acne (i think you are a good accutane candidate except you get really realy dry in the front of the face and need moisturizer there.) wash with a gentle cleanser or something like what cleansers i recommend (lbri