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  1. Has anyone found that taking melatonin to help get to sleep causes acne? I really need help to sleep and bought a pack of Bioglan Sleep Well pills but am too scared to try it......
  2. Hey, it's grreat to hear about your skin. You said something about being intolerent to gluten? That could be celiac disease. The rash you described is a symptom.
  3. that's a braaave thing to do. she'd feel pretty bad if she was already taking accutane. just keep talking to her normally
  4. I can't even describe what I hate about society. I guess it's the expectations. But I've also had a bit of a hard time over the past few years and I've figured out it's not really society I hate, but the people in it.
  5. I HATE going to the hairdressers cos not only do they touch your face, but you have to sit in front of a gigantic mirror under really bad lighting. It makes thing look ten times worse:(
  6. I've been on Diane 35 for about 3 months now. It cleared up my skin pretty good, but still not 100% Seen as it's Christmas this week, I decided to skip the seven day break so I wouldn't have to worry about my period or anything. I also thought that if I skipped my skin wouldn't break out like it usually does at that time (it makes sense theoretically ) . The only problem is that it did. Now I have like, three blind pimples on my chin that are reallly red and I never usually get those. Do you
  7. how do you apply it? sparingly! lol. dont put too much on or you'll burn your face badly! i had the unfortunate experience of doing it in year 9. my face was a flaky red mess for weeks:( if you are going to use it, dilute it with water. you can apply it with a cotton ball.
  8. yeah! come to think of it. i rarely ever get sick if there's something "going around" either. occasionally i won't feel 100%, but i never get really sick
  9. i use witch hazel as a toner. it works well for me. i dont think it would make your skin worse.
  10. hm mm. i hate my skin, and let it stop me from doing a lot of things. but i like my eyes coz they're unique (iris coloboma) and i like that I'm good at sport and have a gift for writing.