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  1. Anything that works takes a long time. A friend of mine, for example, was on acutance for 5 months before she was clear. I've been on ot over a month myself and I'm still getting breakouts, but I'm pretty sure it's slowly getting better. Only consistency and time will tell.
  2. Obviously room temp is fine, but I live in AZ, and I can't always get to me mailbox every day, so the BP sits in there at probably 130 dedgrees for a couple days. Does this kill anything off or render the gel useless? Sorry if this had been asked before, but I just realized that this might be a problem.
  3. Well, I have been on this regimen now for exactly 19 days. I am about 95% clear now, only 2 new zits (which promptly disappeared) in the last 3 days. This is coming from someone who was on Dan's regimen for 2 months with no results. Just like other people were saying, there is a initial worsening period, which was slight for me, and then it gets rapidly better. Now the question is if it will stay this good, or heaven forbid, get even better. I'll make sure I post here again in the next coup
  4. Why change to that if it is unprooven? I've been on the reccomended products for a week now and have seen improovments that I didn't expect (considering I've been using SA and BP products for years and have never been clear), and its just getting better every day.
  5. My problem with this "do-nothing" regimen is that doing nothing is what made me search for ways to get rid of acne in the first place. I was about 13 when I started getting zits, and I didn't think anything of them. I truly didn't care. Then it got progressively worse (I never washed my face and I showered once every 2-3 days) so I went and tried to do something about it when I was about 16. I've been battling it ever since with minor success. I'm still not acne-free, but I'm slowly getti
  6. Can I find somthing like this at a Walgreens or something?
  7. Think about it this way. Either make an effort to talk to her, and reap the possible rewards. Or don't make an effort. Never talk to her. And she will never be yours. The choice is yours.
  8. 1) Why do people say that it drys them out so much? For me, the gel actually MOISTURIZES my face, even when I put gobs of it on. I get about 500% dryer using Cetaphil "gentle" cleanser. (I can feel it because I wait the 15 minutes after washing). 2) Why does it take about 10 minutes for the gel to absorb? I do my face in three sections, and even with me rubbing vigorously (bad, I know, I was just experimenting) it still takes me a full half hour (3 x 10) to get this stuff in my skin! Jus
  9. Allright, I am significantly clearer now that I've done everything in my regimen that I posted above. The diet I'm on right now doesn't clear me as much/fast as the fruits and veggies only, but with this diet I still have energy. So, in only a week and a half, using that regimen has got me about 30 clearer than before. Lets hope that this keeps up.
  10. Life is whatever you make it, no matter what your circumstances. Whats the point of life? You decide. No one can tell you that.