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    watching movies, sushi, singing when no one is listening, Jesus Christ, ice skating, swimming, make-up, writing poems/stories, reading
  1. Black Holes and Revelations is good, but I like Origin of Symmetry also.

  2. YAY. I know, MUSE ARE THE BEST! What album do you like the most? :P

  3. Ohh that makes sense!!!!! did your skin get sensative when you were on it?
  4. So I'm on this new regimen for my light acne coming back after accutane, just to stop it before it gerts worse. I use aczone in the morning, tazorac at night, and I take one doxycycline daily. Anyway, any mornin when I use aczone it feels like little balls of my skin is coming off under it and then my skin gets a little sore but after it feels really soft with no redness. Is aczone supposed to take off dead skin, or am I having a reaction? I use the gel by the way, I don't know if theyhave other
  5. It's fine, I normally didn't eat much either and my acne went away. Besides, dermatologists put you on it longer then what it requires to take away your acne to get it in your system. You have the extra time.
  6. Hi. I'm well thanks. thank you for the comment, sorry i took so long to reply. How are you?

  7. Oh my goodness, yes! :) I think it takes like 10-12 weeks to supposedly officially work... so 2-3 months? hahaha after accutane, this'll be nothing, eh?

  8. yay! =D thats soo funny that we're both on it! now we can be retin-A buddies!! <3

  9. my derm-o told me that retin a works wonders for skin... so im actually excited to get started on it. hahaha we'll have a model's skin! :) :)

  10. Not really, tbh. The last book and the movie ruined it for me. I still do like vampires though! =)

  11. from what i can see on your avatar, nice muscles!

  12. thats so weird, im on retinA right now to! im hoping it can improve my skin even further ^_^

  13. hi briannabanana! I'm hannahbananas! ;p

    thanks for dropping by. wish you best! ;)

  14. I'm doing pretty good ^_^