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  1. Thank you EmmyGirl and MegTree. After just one month of treatment, my skin cleared. I am about to take my last pill after 4 mos. I just hope the results last!
  2. lovelycrimsonred

    Accutane Results 2015 (4 mos)

    "After" results with 1 mo. @ 40mg and 3 mos. at 60mg. Portions of the photos have been altered to hide my identity, but I have not touched the portions of the images that show my skin.
  3. I've updated my signature to contain my acne rx history, to the best of my knowledge. I've been on rx acne medication, both oral antibiotics and topical creams, for 20 years. I am 30 years old. When I was 24, after suffering from the physical and psychological effects of acne throughout middle school, high school, college, and beyond, a dermatologist finally took pity on me and prescribed isotretinoin (Claravis). I responded well to the treatment and had almost no side effects, not even dry skin
  4. lovelycrimsonred

    When Did Your Skin Clear ?

    I did 60mg/day for 6 months. I'd say my skin wasn't completely clear until I had completed 4 months. Unfortunately my acne came back about a year later, and I've spent the past 4 years going to dermatologists trying to find one who will let me complete a second course of Claravis instead of prescribing me the same useless topical creams I've been on for 20 years. However, I will say that my acne is 80-90% better, so it has definitely been worth it for me.
  5. what derm in CT do you use? i'm looking for a derm in CT who will prescribe me a 2nd round of Claravis without giving me the run-around. I'm willing to spend all my savings on it because I feel like I have no more options. I'm purchasing health insurance which should help a bit (cover 50% of the rx, but not the derm or the bloodwork).
  6. I'm 26 and looking to do a second round of Claravis. My 1st round was 2 years ago and it worked miracles...until now! I'm sick of getting jerked around...I just want someone who will allow me to do Round 2 without making me try a million creams I spent 15 years trying already. If you have a liberally-prescribing derm in CT, let me know. I live in Hartford County but am willing to travel. THANK YOU!
  7. lovelycrimsonred

    Adult acne and Accutane

    I FINALLY did my 1st Claravis treatment 2 yrs ago at age 24. Now, at age 26, my acne is coming back. I really want to do a 2nd round but I'm having trouble finding a derm to prescribe it. It's definitely not as bad as it was before, but I'm worried I'm heading down that road.
  8. lovelycrimsonred

    Denied an accutane prescription

    I can relate. I was on Claravis from March-Sept. 2009 and it was my miracle drug. I was completely clear for a few months, and the first year afterward was good. Then I started to get acne again. It began with painful lumps on my scalp. I went to a new derm (not the one who had done the treatment with me) and he said it wasn't bad enough to prescribe Claravis. He gave me some stupid topical gel. What was I supposed to do, put it in my hair? I was on topical treatments for 12 years before I fou
  9. lovelycrimsonred

    help for people without insurance.

    $100/mo? Are you kidding me? Insurance that covers prescriptions, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, costs $300-$400/month for an individual. Right now my employer is paying a large portion so I only pay $100/month, but I'm losing my healthcare when I go part time in a few weeks and all the "cheap" plans ($150-$250/mo) do not cover rxs and definitely do not cover Accutane or its generics.
  10. lovelycrimsonred

    Accutane: Before and After (March '09, Sept. '09)

    Uh oh. I just got my first post-Accutane pimple this AM (on the right side of my face down by my jaw). I'm very upset. Impending doom? I cannot go through this again. I want to remain normal!
  11. lovelycrimsonred

    Tazorac or Retin A?

    I was on both Tazorac and Retin A at the same time. They did nothing.
  12. lovelycrimsonred

    Accutane: Before and After (March '09, Sept. '09)

    Wow, Shayna, lookin' good. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the war is over.
  13. I just took my last pills last night! I haven't had a pimple in MONTHS. I can't believe normal people live like this every day! I'm thrilled with the results. At first I was afraid to go on Accutane. Now I'm aftraid to go off. Hopefully these results last! After 12 years of suffering, I didn't think anything would work.
  14. lovelycrimsonred

    Accutane 2009: Before and After

    Contains facial and back shots before Accutane treatment (March 2009) and at the end of the 6 month treatment (September 2009)
  15. lovelycrimsonred

    Anyone ever taken 120?? Movin from 80-120

    wow, 120 sounds like a lot but do you weight a lot? i don't know about "finishing early." my derm bumped me from 40mg/day to 60mg/day, but when i asked if i'd finish any earlier, he said "No."