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  1. So after being on Tretinoin gel for years, I'm currently without health insurance to cover the costs of obtaining my prescription. Tretinoin has worked wonders for my acne, and now since I've run out, my face has been going crazy. I know that retinol is another form of Vitamin A, not as pure and strong as Tretinoin but I mean isn't still catergorized the same? I was wondering if anyone has found an OTC alternative that contains Retinol, in hopes that this can be used to be my source of
  2. I was wondering if it was safe to use a Sulfur Mask, if I'm using a 3.5% Benzoyl Peroxide facial cleanser. I've tried searching the dangers of the two active ingredients being used together, but nothing comes up. I just want to know if this is dangerous or not. Like how you shouldn't use BP with any Topical Retin-A because it neutralizes eachother, etc. Or Hydroquonine while on BP causes dark spots. Those type of things that could be a possible danger other than skin irritation. Thanks!
  3. So when I was about 13, my face broke out horrendously. I went to the dermatologist and she prescribed me Tretinoin cream, and I had to say that for the year, my face began to really clear up. Though I don't know if that's to say if it was all the Retin-A, or because I learned more of good hygiene, and picked the right products for me that were also effective. And maybe that phase where my hormones were dramatically changing came to a balance. I don't know, I used to claim Retin-A has my holy g
  4. So I've been reading about how great results drinking Green Tea has given to so many people. I said to myself why not? There's not much to lose. I mean, I use a Green Tea cleanser that doesn't break me out, so I assumed that drinking it won't break me out either, unless it's purging all the bacteria out. Just curious, what brands of Green Tea do some of you drink? That's if you do drink Green Tea haha. And I also heard it's better to get De-Caf. If someone could tell me their little regimen wi
  5. It really does depend on who your dermatologist is. Only because I have a dermatologist also, and he isn't very helpful. He kind of listens to me, and then he doesn't. He thinks just because he's so "trained" in his field, that whatever he thinks is right, and not my opinion and thoughts on my own skin. I just feel like he isn't doing his job by listening to what I have to say first, before he puts his own thoughts out there after I'm done talking. Just make sure you're very accurate and descri
  6. So guess what? After a year of having completely healthy, CLEAR skin from having severe acne because of prescribed acne medication that was covered by my insurance, is no longer covered. I'm seriously devastated. All this progress, wasted. I'm beginning to break out, and now I know I need to change my entire regimen because each product balances out the other. I used Tretinoin Cream 0.1%, and I definitely don't have 130 dollars every month for this. I remember the last time I was on acne.org,
  7. Haha, bam as in pretty clear like oh my god. Well I haven't been to the derm yet, my next appt. is actually in 2 weeks, but that's the thing my derm. didn't really seem to know what they were doing, i tried to explain my skin as best as i could while giving details but then they were like whatever.. and just told me they're prescribing Retin-A. Luckily it did work, or I would've complained lol. PS: I don't actually have a dermatologist, when i first went in to my regular doctor to get a recomme
  8. Ok well i've been on retin-a 0.05% cream since March 30th, 2009. Today it's September 9th, 2009. And hell i've been on a ride with Retin-A, luckily for me the IB was nothing, and the retin-a didnt cause irritation or redness. My skin was BAM, clear when i got my results! But lately, ive been getting those regular zits and whiteheads, and its beginning to seem that the retin-a isnt helping anymore. I began to lose hope after the end of the 5nd month, because i knew even when i was consistent my
  9. I understand, i had the same problem, but what i heard it does is purge. This is what is does for me, but the thing i like about it is that it helps get rid of the pimples that could be on my face longer, while the cream helps it develop faster but doesnt let it develop to the point where its a huge zit, then fights it to make it go away. after you constantly keep up with your skin, you barely purge so no zits. when i skipp a day, it purges right away, so i try my best to keep using it. i used
  10. I've been on the same cream since march 30th. Dont be discouraged, i use to constantly wanna try 20 different products. Using the cream should be a lifestyle and part of your schedule, so it shouldnt seem like a big deal. I use to have red marks, scars, and huge pimples that hurt when i moved or touched the area, now i barely have any zits at all. I was 100% clear from severe/mild acne a week ago, but then im currently on vacation and the weather change was really drastic, and i kept getting laz
  11. So it's getting warmer, and so the seasons definitely have been affecting my face. During the winter, cracked peeled, always having to apply heavy duty moisturizer every like 30 minutes. My face is getting oiler everyday due to the weather .. I try not to apply moisturizer after my toner but my face is somewhat firm feeling, so it produces more oily. I tried putting moisturizer to reduce the oil production, but it still made my face look oily .. so i need a light moisturizer that doesnt clog por
  12. Well, its now .. almost 2 months now i think ? Yeah i definitely think the Retin - A is alot better than any OTC treatment. Seriously. I look foward every night to putting some of the cream on my face to help with my acne. I've been given good results, break outs are manageable. Pimples are smaller, way smaller, well if i remember and not be lazy to stick to my regimen. I'm just hoping during my 3rd-4th month of using the retin-a, itll give me some results to actually eliminating some of the bre
  13. I was wondering if a sal acid cleanser damages your hair/scalp, because whenever i cleanse my face, it tends to get onto my front bang/hairline area and ive been worried if the sal acid is doing anything to my hair. Does anyone know if it doesnt matter, or if it had long term effects?
  14. while i was telling my doctor my regimen, she said that it was okay. i think on the paper it just says to avoid it to avoid irritation. the retin - a has never given me irritation at all. i havent seen any side effects to using sal acid with it so ill keep going
  15. Ok so my regimen is - morning: 2% Sal acid cleanser Olay Refreshing Toner Olay complete spf 15 moisturizer Night: 2% Sal Acid Cleanser Olay Refreshing Toner Retin A 0.05% My face has a few active pimples, but im getting to have that feeling where its not enough. Ive been on Retin A for officially a month now, technically a month is on the 30th lol. I was wondering how long did it take you to really see some results as in, breakouts became less serious/pimples actually began to vanish faster