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  1. Bump Can people take a look at the photos in this thread and give me any further advice
  2. Not related to acne........but I was in Ireland a year ago and LOVED it! Your country is amazing! We toured the entire coast! Cliffs of Moher....insane!

    1. Try some of the suggestions made over the last 8 pages or so. Frankly, I saw absolutely nothing wrong with your skin. Not a thing. I have tried loads of the suggestions "over the past 8 pages". I have tried the ACV, most of the creams people are suggesting. Some home made remedies that people have suggested but my redness is still there. You might not think there is anything wrong with it but there is and its a big deal to me. I am entitled to post here and ask people for advice and for
    2. Can people tell me what i have got and any tips on what i can do to make it better? Hate all the stares i get and how low my self esteem is. Thanks
    3. As you might have guessed from my name i am from Ireland so where can i get this stuff in Ireland and what moisturizer would you suggest?
    4. Will a moisturizer really help? I dont know what i should be doing. What do people reckon from the photo that i should do?
    5. Hi everybody, Was just wondering if you could look at the photo attached and tell me what you think it looks like that i have. I'm a shy person and this is doing nothing for my confidence. I dont even have a social life. Any advice on what could improve this? Opinions please.
    6. bump for advice and opinions on what to do to reduce redness especially on nose.
    7. Bump for anymore tips on facial redness
    8. Well if thats you in the photo kristen then you have nothing to worry about. You're hot Wish i could get somebody like you!
    9. As another person said, if a guy cant see past a few red marks on your face then he is a complete moron. I'm sure you are beautiful and your friends will see that. Have you any pics?
    10. I have a bottle of ACV but what are the exact directions? So it helps with redness? I am wary of trying it as i fear it will make it worse or something