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  1. This is very similar to the regimen that i use, it does work great...Are you in the UK? Is this why you use tea tree oil wash?
  2. I've been using the same c&c cream cleanser as you and think its amazing with a tea tree wash. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...t=0#entry339977
  3. hmm.. felt a huge spot comin thru on my chin so tried putting loadsa og bp on it. Not rubbing it in or anything, just putting a big splodge on the spot, waited for it to absorb naturally so didn't cause redness around the entire area. I did this for about 2 days every night and a little in the morning and it stopped the spot from coming thur completely! And no red marks have been left or anything like that. Also, i found the spot quite late in its development (ie i started applying bp when i fel
  4. its pants. doesnt work very effectively to start with and u get resistant to it after few weeks anyway. use tea tree instead.
  5. if u mean the garnier sebum control moisturiser yes its working good thanks. mattifies nicely
  6. i would say my treatment would work better than yours. Yours uses BP morning and night, and by the looks of it (quote: my skin is looking horrible right now) you're not used to the bp enough to use it morning and night. I used bp morning and night when i first ever used it and on the 4th day my skin went super flaky, dry, tight and red. So i waited about 4 days for my skint o recover and then gradually increased the number of times i used bp. I started at twice a week, then thrice a week etc. I
  7. Just an update - I have got the garnier pure sebum control moisturiser with clay and zinc and i tried it first day like this: Apply normal moisturiser Wait till absorbed Apply garnier pure sebum control moisturiser The mattifying action was very minimal, and i don't think it really made a difference to my oiliness. The 2nd time i used it i used it like this: Apply garnier pure sebum control moisturiser Wait till absorbed Apply normal moisturiser Wait till absorbed Apply garnier pure sebum co
  8. go ahead and change ur first cleanser if you think it is not worth sticking with the clearasil. I personally only ever use bp 3 nights in a row and then i have a day where i dont use it. If i use the bp day and night my face goes red etc. So i would suggest you have a regimen like this: morn: clearasil/phisoderm moisuturiser night: clearasil/phisoderm panoxyl wash moisturiser use the bp cleanser for 3 nites in a row and then for the nxt nite dont use it. Repeat. Just use an ordinary foaming
  9. is it alrite to use a AHA whilst on the regimen? does it improve rednesss or deprove it
  10. just to add to my last post, i'm not saying it will stop all breakouts, it will just allow you to keep using the clearasil (with sa) in conjuction with panoxyl so u dont waste any product by not liking it. I dont think you will have any further problems with extra breakouts if u use the 2 product together.
  11. the clearasil with SA will unblock pores and the panoxyl will secrete BP i to the 'open' / clean pores. I meant it would reduce the new increased amounts of breakouts you have experienced by switching to the clearasil cream wash. If you use a foaming face wash after a cream one, it will emulsify any remains of the cream, and so prevent any blocked pores created by the cream wash. Do you follow me?
  12. that eucerin aint cheap. £6 for 50ml??!
  13. oh, just come across this mattifying and SA moisturiser: Garnier synergie pure sebum control moisturiser Has clay and zinc to control oil, as well as SA to prevent breakouts. And only £2.99 at boots at the mo. Anyone tried it? Looks like a competitor to the loreal, which i havnt tried yet Reviews: http://www.ciao.co.uk/L_Garnier_Synergie_S...sturiser__68582