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  1. I just watched the prison mike episode yesterday online....haha Michael is ridiculous

  2. Hows it going sweetie? Any better? I hope so...

  3. haha thanks! prison mike episode has to be my favourite!

  4. First off I'd like to say that your tag line from kings of leon earns you points and having prison Mike as your avatar made me laugh out loud I love the office. MAJOR points!

  5. likely try acctuance. I want to exercise all my other options first. My derm has already said he's put me on it but im going to wait. I hope you have a positive expereience with accutane and I will be keeping up with your log :)

  6. yes i did, Im want to wait and see if dan's regimne will work before I start taking any medication. The other thing I was worried about was after hearing a lot of people saying that their acne has come back worse after. I dont want to clear up for 3 months and then it come back even worse. Im going to give dans regimne a try for a few more months If I dont see any results then I will most like

  7. hey so u stopped taking tetracycline? im so happy that dans regimen is working for you!

  8. thanks meagain! i actually stopped after taking it for two days lol my skin is really clearing up with dan's regimne so i thought i'd continue that alone and see how it goes!
  9. i find that aswell, you have to remember jojba is an oil so its going to make you look shiney if you use too much. I find that using less during the day is better because it makes me not look shiney.
  10. I just find it breaks me out. I've read articles saying it links it cancer but i've heard that about many things.
  11. im so happy for you. this will be a regualr read for me! good luck!
  12. AHA. Not for scars but it clears up my back so well. i love it
  13. i found after starting to use BP my face is way less oily.
  14. I use jojoba oil to remove my make-up face and eye make-up and it doesn't hurt at all!