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  1. HI everyone, I have been in Korea for about the past 3 months and my acne has gotten really bad. I don't know if it is the water or if I am not sleeping well enough but it has just exploded. My skin is also really dry and itchy and it is just uncomfortable. Plus, I am like 6 feet 7 inches so I already stand out big time. It has just been hard feeling ugly and feeling like people are talking about my skin. Anyway, I come home in 4 days and couldn't be more excited. I plan on seeing a derm when I
  2. I think it is worth trying - just drinking water. I have some stomach problems and I am wondering if those problems might be in some way related to my acne. I am going to attempt to limit dairy products, especially milk. Also I want to work on eliminating unsprouted wheat from my diet as I seem to be negatively affected by it. The one problem I have with the "water method" that this post advocates is that the author won't give us his secret while posting on a site for helping people with acne pr
  3. Hey there, Just needed to vent a little bit. This is my second post on the sight and so far it has been great. I am no longer telling myself that I am the only one suffering from the acne affliction. Well, I took some pix today with my new digital camera and realize my acne is more severe than I like to admit. It is a new camera so I don't have the pix posted yet but I will soon. I just need to vent a little. Its good to put this stuff out there rather than holding it in and letting it eat me up
  4. Hey there, Just wanted to let you know that you are still beautiful Marc
  5. Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I have dealt with similar acne in the past and it has started to clear up. Hang in there!! Marc
  6. I know exactly how you feel. I have done the same thing for many days at a time. Sometimes I would just sit in my room and try everything and hope that it would eventually go away. I would tell myself, "maybe if I just take my third shower for the day my acne will be better tomorrow." However, I wake up the following morning, walk straight to the mirror, and the acne remains. I am righting you this to let you know that you are not alone. Ironically, I have about 6 cysts on the right side of my
  7. Hey there, I relate to your struggles. I am new to the site and I am just now starting on the regimen. I have been going through some depression related to my acne which is pretty moderate. However, I do relate to having all aspects of your life being controlled by acne. I am trying to stay optimistic though and hope that you can do the same. Take care, Marc
  8. Erm . . . yeah... Call the hot-line. 1-800-Suicidal Anyways, of course every feels like that every once in awhile. Even if you fall, just try and get back up. Or get a good nights rest, your mind will change. Whats been bothering you? My best friend, (and I swear she's like my other half) isn't really interested in talking to me anymore, although she still calls. It's like she obligates herself to. I feel lonely. Really, really lonely. And I envy couples. Hahah I'm patheti
  9. Hey everyone, I just popped a nodule on my face because it was ready and the pressure was really building up. Any recommendations as to whether or not this is a good idea? Do you guys and gals pop them or just leave them until the sort of leak on their own? Thanks, Marc
  10. That is funny but I hope that your dog is okay. What is Mandelic acid?
  11. Wow, your skin is looking great. I am just getting on the regimen and I hope that I get the same results that you are having.
  12. Hey man, I just wanted to send you some hope and love. I know it can be hard and depressing at times. I have been struggling with my acne over the past few weeks and it has become really inflamed. I understand the embarrassment. I hope for both of us that we can be strong and it eventually will get better for us. Hang in there, Marc