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  1. Regimen isn't for everyone. If after 3 months, you're still getting pimple(s) daily, then it's clearly not working for you. I wasn't as patient, as I only waited a month and couldn't take all the damage it was doing to my skin. I've been off the regimen for almost 3 months now and I'm completely clear now. I just wash my face twice a day with a gentle cleanser. Every night, I apply a thin layer of AHA before my moisturizer. And I'm looking a whole lot better now. Not only does the AHA ke
  2. My only response to this is... positive and negative responses are all fair game; so you shouldn't get upset at people who bursts your bubble by sharing their negative reactions to the treatment. I understand your frustration though as when I first started the regimen and was getting through the tough stages, I really hated reading the negative posts b/c it made me feel like I was going through all of this for nothing. Sadly for me..I was one of those people who followed the regimen to the te
  3. It really depends on the AHA you use. I was breaking out when I used the acne.org AHA. I think it might have been too strong for me??? or then again, it could be the combination of that with the regimen, that was too harsh. Either way, I was breaking out pretty badly (hard red raised bumps). Anyway, I'm no longer on the regimen, and I use a different AHA now. I apply it before I moisturize. It's gentle enough to be used every night but strong enough to keep my pores clear. It also reduces
  4. Although I didn't switch products midway, I experienced the exact same symptoms. I too like Ind1g0 quit the regimen. I was too chicken to go all natural though. I went to my regular family physician and she prescribed a compound that consists of steroid + antibiotics, which I used all over my face for about a week. Then when my skin finally calmed down from all the acne and inflammation, I just switched over to AHA treatments. The whole process of quitting the regimen + replacing with presc
  5. Hi Xenoa, I mentioned in the earlier post that I've been using AHA from the brand "Merle Norman". It's called AHA intensive complex. It is very effective. I'm still using it right now and I haven't had one pimple since. The only stress I'm dealing with right now is the hyperpigmentation and scarring left behind from the regimen.
  6. wow.. he didn't look too bad at all. Especially in the more clear pic on the beach. His lips look a bit swollen.. but that could be anything. I would be happy to have skin like that in those pics. No scars and I can't really see any blemishes. too bad he doesn't have any actual break out pictures to show us.
  7. If she's itching miserably on application of any moisturizer, I would take that as a sign that the treatment is not right for her and it has been irritating her skin. On the other hand, if she only reacts that way to the acne.org moisturizer, then she should try another. Nonetheless, I was a sufferer of negative results from the regimen. It severely irritated my skin during its use and caused lots of cystic acne and pustules all over my face. I finally quit the regimen a couple weeks ago and
  8. Hi Xenoa, I didn't last as long as you. I had a good 1st week and all the weeks that followed was a complete disaster for me. My face exploded with acne. Before I began the regimen, I only had some whitehead problems on my forehead and my entire face was fine. Week 1, my forehead cleared. Come week 2, I started getting clusters of bumps on my cheeks and chin. Week 3, continued. Nearing the end of week 3, not only did the bumps multiply and none of the old ones seemed to ever go away, but
  9. sorry to be the one to give you the "negative" story but I felt compelled to spill my two bits when I read your post. I know how it feels when you are "trekking on" for so long and how much you wish to get some encouraging and insightful responses by fellow members. I felt the exact same way when I was on the regimen. I had the exact problem as you. I cleared up nicely the first week and felt great. However the weeks that followed were nightmares. I got new pimples each day and they seem
  10. I've been off the regimen for 1.5 weeks now. I also went on antibiotics (topical) for 1 week. The last few days I stopped that too. My skin is completely clear now. Just have lots of scars left behind by the BP, which is extremely annoying. Now, I use an AHA serum. Not the one from acne.org. I did purchase it and used it for a while but the results were lack lustre. Sometimes, there's a reason why we pay more for some things and not others. I bought the merle norman AHA intensive comple
  11. I just thought I might throw in my two bits here. I had the exact same experience. My skin just got worser and worser. I too posted several inquiries on this message board regarding that. I received similar messages from fellow members. I stuck with the regimen religiously for a month. Finally I couldn't bear the sight of myself. I went from trying to get rid of 4 whiteheads on my forehead to a face filled with acne. I had those "clusters" of acne you were describing. And they were on m
  12. I think Jaime was just trying to express his/her opinion about the regimen. I think it's unfair to tell Jaime to stop making "negative" generalizations. It's a double standard. I see plenty of posts on this forum that make "positive" generalizations, which have never been attacked the same way. From my own personal experience, I agree with Jaime. When I finally went off the regimen, I felt so guilty for putting my skin through that. I realized the severe damage I had done. Although I
  13. All I have to say is. I finally gave up on the regimen. And I'm glad I did. Went to the docs and realized that the BP really killed my skin. I got a compound to put on my skin. It's been 3 days now and there has been huge improvements. 1) No more new acne; 2) the red hard raised spots which i thought will never leave are getting smaller and smaller.. some have already flattened out and fading; 3) my face is no longer inflamed; and 4) my skin is no longer rough and it feels nice and smooth
  14. ahh i think cancer is perhaps slightly more serious than acne. It's not like this is a miracle cure anyway.
  15. i told her to give up on the regimen. If you want to go into semantics, you shouldn't be writing on a blog.