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  1. My face feels so itchy every moment of the day! But it's not red at all. Damn! Last time when I applied only BP to my face it was like that too. BP may be too irritating for my skin?
  2. Sigh. I'm gonna try my tretinoin cream given to me half a year ago by the doctor. Apply it at night, and apply BP in the morning. This is seriously driving me mad.
  3. ok.... but the internet doesn't and can't solve all my problems... yes...we are quite similar in a way...in my case though, i'm not OCD about my health but my elderly relative's and other loved ones' health. this has been the case ever since i lost a loved one to cancer unexpectedly.
  4. And...I always don't know whether something needs to be done or not. Or whether just to do something about it before I spend time researching all the info. (Talking mainly about health issues)
  5. Yes...I have this problem of failing to voice out my worries or have a lot of reservations about doing so because I don't want it to worry other people. It sucks so much!!! I think I have a slight OCD with worrying...and when nothing gets done (even though indeed nothing may need to be done)...I worry more. Argh!!!
  6. It's a trade-off for me: Either CLEANER but DRY face, with a few blackheads<--achieved when I don't apply any sort of stuff on my face after washing Or LESS DRY but blackhead-filled face<--that's when I apply a non-comedogenic moisturiser after washing THE QUESTION IS WHAT CAN LOOSEN MY PORES?? MY BLACKHEADS?? I hate having to examine my face and use the comedone extractor which sometimes just makes matters worse.
  7. Currently using Biore Men's facial washes to cleanse my face. I actually feel clean after using them, which is good. I also read that soap loosens dirt on your face rather then killing bacteria.
  8. Sigh. I don't get along with my parents. My mum's like an over-reactive chemical. In fact I think I hate everyone. Grrr...sigh.
  9. Yay.......I could still fry an egg on my face though. I guess I can't do anything about them hormones...or whatever...
  10. I thought that dial gold bar was hand soap not facial wash.... Nope don't live in the UK....currently using MEN'S biore facial wash (though I'm a girl) cos it has some tea tree essence in it. Oh well......
  11. OK....I've got two choices: North Dakota or Wyoming, both at national parks (Theodore Roosevelt VS Yellowstone) So.....which one is it gonna be?? I'd have limited time for travel (probably one to two weeks and the weekends), which state has more interesting places nearby? And travel by...? Assuming that I may not have a car. I'm more of leaning towards "nature, nice scenery nice air, special sights and places" than the typical city life. Probably something like those places Femina_Mala_Est quo
  12. Hi all. I want some kind of anti-bacterial stuff that I could just slather on my face without much damage. So, no benzoyl peroxide, no alcohol etc. Something like TEA TREE OIL perhaps, but it kind of breaks out my face. And it'd be best if that anti-bacterial stuff can keep my face relatively dry.
  13. Thanks for all the info! I'm still clueless as to where to travel around (at a low cost). In fact I'm clueless about the US states and where to go. Gotta do a bit of research after my midterms. Meanwhile any ideas as to where to go?
  14. ^ Yeah, I try to apply some kind of antiseptic after squeezing it though. Argh.....first day on my supposed "regimen" and I slept at 5am in the morning. Some pimples already swelling in protest. Way to go...