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  1. hey quick q do girls like guys with acne

    1. nah, i dont think it's lighting. but i do think that you said is correct. maybe it has got to do with the blood circulation thing you were talking about. I also don't think it's necessarily lighting. I woke up this morning and, as is usual, my face looked clear and only slightly pink (not the usual bright red--I just started the regimen a week ago) and even after I put on the BP and moisturizer it looked good. Then I went to the gym (big surprise) and my face became extremely red, blotchy,
    2. lol no, it's just that your cheeks are rather lean! not a bad thing ;-) don't be so hard on yourself, cuties come in all shapes and sizes
    3. I invited a friend over for dinner last night who is notorious for having dry, red, irritated skin (and then there was me, who normally had the clear skin and hadn't used make-up until about a year ago.) She looked great, fresh, clean, clear, radiant. I looked a mess and thought, now the shoe's on the other foot. I was jealous, sure, but she's my friend and because of that, we look past minor flaws like the condition of our skin. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter that much, certa
    4. Yeah I tried doing nothing and it just got worse. Sometimes it's mind over matter, and sometime's it's not. It's not as easy as it sounds, unfortunately...
    5. gotta put some meat on them bones, Irelandian! you're a cutie for sure, though
    6. Does this mean you're not going to answer my request? Okay, sweetheart, you just keep using that jojoba oil on your face, and keep wondering why it's not "working" for you. I explained it to you, but you won't listen. . Bryan, you actually didn't "explain" anything at all. You only made a statement ("it doesn't work that way,") and then didn't back it up. Is that your idea of an explanation? As a new member myself, I come to this website to read the forums and post my own questions
    7. Personally, I do not recommend Dan's moisturizer as it makes my face itchy and hot. I am also looking for moisturizer suggestions to substitute Dan's as I make my way through the regimen!
    8. it doesn't look red at all, but maybe that's to do with the camera? sometimes pictures don't do it justice... I would say mild
    9. The moisturizer definitely doesn't work for me, either. It totally burns the areas where I've already applied the BP, and gets me close to wanting to wash all of it off completely (obviously not what is wanted!!)