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  1. If you did not have oily skin before then try to identify what changes you have incorporated that might have led to your skin getting oily. There are lots of factors that lead to increased oily production on the skin. For instance, some people including myself note increased oil production after weight-lifting. Also, using the wrong cleansers/moisturizers might be another factor. It is always a good practice to try following a good diet. Some people recommend taking B-Complex vitamins or B5 vit
  2. I never take any protein shakes or any other supplements. I just reasonably increased my consumption of chicken, eggs and other foods rich in protein.
  3. Hi I would like to try and minimize or even completely eliminate high GI foods from diet to see if that helps. The problem is that it is very hard for me to stop eating all kinds of bread because I do not always have time to prepare my breakfast/lunch at home and thus end up on some days buying sandwiches or snacks for my lunch/breakfast. So what types of bread are low in GI? Thanks,
  4. Unfortunately, and sadly enough I think you guys are right about the connection between weight lifting and oil production of the skin. I noticed that on weekends when I do not train, the next morning my forehead and hair scalp would be less oily (still oily though) than mornings following days on which I train! Does that mean that one has to give up completely or is there a way to still do some weight lifting and not have the extra oil production as a side effect! I am 182cm tall and weight 1
  5. No, please do not do that. Do not let a few spots ruin your life and f**k up your career. I personally noted that the more I isolate myself and stress about my spots, the worse they get. Try to live with it and not let it control your life and remember sooner or later acne will f**k off. I made that mistake for so many years to the extent that I hardly wanted to leave the house or talk to friends, relatives and it even affected my relationship with my family, but now I wish I could set the cl
  6. Maybe they are sold under a different brand name.
  7. Depends what type of acne you have. I am 35 and still have some mild spots here and there every now and then. Mine started when I was 17 and has been going on and off for years. I know people who have had bad acne when we were at high school and then they grew out of it and they now have a clear skin. Thus, there is no definite answer to your question and it depends on what type and what factors contribute to your acne, be it food allergy, hormone imbalance, using wrong products etc. The bes
  8. I think there are some tests which check for hormone imbalance and vitamin deficiency etc. I have just had a CBC blood test to make sure that my thyroid gland was working fine.
  9. If your gf dumped you because of the few spots you have, then she is obviously some shallow w***e and you better off without her. There is more fish in the sea and I personally would rather wait until the right one comes along than hang around with horrible ones. If people who are supposed to be close to you do not stand by you when you need them, then you do not need them in the first place. I am pretty sure that what you have has to do with shaving and might be some sort of folliculitis
  10. How about TV screens ? Almost everyone watches TV on daily basis!
  11. I would classify your case is mild acne! No need to stress bro and since you're 18, it might even go away on its own with time. Just be gentle and do not use harsh products that make things worse. Also, try to cut down on sugar and include raw vegetables: spinach, avocado, carrots, etc. to your daily diet. Believe me your case is nothing compared to other people's. I know how damaging to one's self-esteem the spots can be, but I personally found out that the more I let the spots stress me out
  12. No no no, writing in your daily diary is perfectly okay! It won't cause a problem! ]Was a typo mate. I meant dairy not diary.
  13. Hi guys, For so many years I have been trying to find a gentle face wash that does not have any of the harsh ingredients that are classified as irritating/pore clogging but still could not find one that passes the test. I tried most of the ones available in the UK including Neutrogena, Simple, Avene, Oxy, Clearsil, Boots simply sensitive and even ordered a few from the US including Purpose gentle cleanser and Cetaphil. Almost all of the ones I have tried contain at least one offending ingre
  14. I have mild acne and oily skin which I have had for many years. I went to my GP a few months ago and he gave me Duac 5%. Although I resisted the idea of using chemicals for many years, I gave it a go for about 5-6 weeks and used it on my forehead which is the place where the spots usually turn up. I gotta say it kinda worked and hardly had any new spots while using it apart from one or two which might have even been caused by Purpose gentle cleanser that I was using at that time because it cont