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  1. Afew months back, i starred in the mirror for over 2hours everytime in showers trying to do anything that could improve my face. I ran to toilets everytime i'm outside or in school to check out my pimples. They were so bad, my heart shape face became round shape. I looked bloated. I thought that would be the end of my attractiveness. I was also called "Pepperoni face" by someone and it was really upsetting. I really wish that all these could be just an nightmare and i prayed everynight to God, t
  2. I understand how it feels to have lost all of your confidence. Me too. I was walking in the streets alone when there was these huge gang of guys on bicycles screaming and laughing, saying that my face looked like shet. But I'm slowly picking up by accepting reality. I went to sites and check out on "how to be confident" and it helped me even though i still feel intimidated when i'm standing beside beautiful skin girls. My acnes are all healed now after one year though i still have terrible scar