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  1. Do prescription oral anti-fungals actually work for this? I've tried the Ketoconazole (Nizoral) cream and it isnt effective at all so would Ketoconazole 200 mg do anything different
  2. Yeah its pretty far over the recommended amount but I'm sure your derm had a reason for doing it. At least you werent under so it should mean lasting remission
  3. You should probably be done by now. At that dose youre at about the 150 mg/kg mark so I'd think you should be finishing up
  4. If your derm is gonna do the 1 mg/kg ratio then you'll probably be goin on 120 mg a day. But it depends on the severity of the acne too so maybe you'll start out on 0.5 mg/kg and then work up to 1 mg/kg to reach the cumulative dose of 125 mg/kg. If you start on 120 mg a day your course should last 4-5 months
  5. He shouldnt be getting any peels done until 6 months after the course let alone during treatment. It even states that in the Accutane brochure. Skin is more prone to scarring from a peel during treatment because your skin heals slower than normal. The course length depends on his weight and severity of the acne and usually wouldnt go past 9 months. She might be talking about using a low dose maintenance treatment 6 months or so after he has finished this course
  6. I have really oily skin so would I go on a low dosage like 10 or 20mg? I wanna try Accutane cuz this oil drives me crazy but I dont wanna go on a high dosage with all the bad side effects
  7. I read that Boswellic Acid is for sore joints and better flexibility. Hows it work to stop oil production?
  8. Is Desert Essence a good brand because thats the only one I can find
  9. I have extremely oily skin on my nose like 20 minutes after a shower its oily. Would Jojoba Oil actually help with this because I have read that it can. If anyone has tried this any help would be appreciated
  10. Hey Dave I looked up Coromega and is it supposed to be like an orange paste or somethin like that? And how much do you take daily?