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  1. bathroom mirrors are The worst place for me along with outdoor sunshine. I just look crap with all these severe scarring + redness.
  2. 4 years now!. With the last two years being the worst. Though my acne is gone now because of diet and DUAC gel I still have severe red scars.
  3. I do think of that most of the time for almost a year now. And I won't deny that I have been consumed of committing suicide but I'm afraid to do it. Afraid of death. I just don't know if it will comes a time that I will do it in the future. Well, here in South East Asia I kinda envy the young men people here who die in their sleep. A silent painless way of passing. It's called Sudden unexpected death syndrome (SUDS) or Sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome (SUNDS) is sudden unexpected death
  4. I have exactly the same acne red scars as you. I'm planning on posting a pic of me sooner,as I'm working so so hard to get rid of my scars. I had acne for 3 years now and most of my scars and hyperpigmentations are very old. I am planning too to go try microdermabrasion but I think I have to wait maybe until May or June to see if I have my severe acne under control.
  5. No I can make eye contact with people I'm comfortable around but somebody I don't know it's a whole different story. For example, if I go jogging and I pass by someone going the other way I have a hard time looking at them or saying hi as a I pass by. I tend to look down at my shoes or to another direction to avoid eye contact. To say the very least acne has made me a very paranoid individual. When I was younger I used to be very social and none of these weird thoughts ran through my head. I am
  6. Damn yeah!.. I was once in line in a drug store and then this old guy comes in and then stares at me. Not only that!, he touch his face while staring at me!... that is very very rude but I can't blame that bloke for making him feel so self-conscious because my face is so horrible but still I would call him an a**hole for that thinking that I will infect him by being close to me.
  7. I had it severe from April 2007 - March 2008. Then it subside for 5 months. It came back on September 2008 - Jan 2009. It ruined my mind too! I used to have lots of friends at school and I top my class/quizzes. Now I refused to go out in broad daylight cause I have SEVERE RED SCARRING on my forehead,left & right cheek and in my neck. I've been nocturnal for like 8 or 10 months now. My performance at school sucks coz my acne occupied my mind and I have no interest of talking to my friends any
  8. Wow!!... seriously I love this thread here lolz!.. It's flooded with girls with HOT pics....
  9. I totally.. I mean TOTALLY BECOME AN ASSHOLE because of my SEVERE CYSTIC ACNE for almost a year now. I don't talk to other people even at the house anymore, and if ever I do, I can count the number of words I spoke when interacting. It sometimes pisses me off when people post thread at "severe/cystic acne" section of the forum and they're talking about 3-5 bumps!... fuck that I can't imagine how would people react if I post my pic!. Big red bumps with severe red scarring!...
  10. Dude I cut milk from my diet for the last two weeks and it really improved my skin. I didn't have a major breakout. It thus contribute to my acne coz I take like 2-3 glasses a day. If you're thinking that "why is it that there are millions of people that drink milk who still have clear skin". Well unfortunately we are one of those who have acne-prone skin. If the reason you're drinking milk is because of calcium to avoid osteoporosis in your latter years, I say obtain calcium from other food
  11. I am on a experiment right now and I'm on my second week of watching my diet 24/7. Avoiding milk really works for me, I didnt have a major break out since then and I dont wash any cleanser on my face, just water. Dude try avoiding fried foods too, I ate fried chicken today and it has really been a shock to me coz about an hour later my skin started to become oily and the small bumps red bumps in my face started to swell and becomes big.
  12. I'm a male and I'm on my 18 month mark without having my hair cut. It really does help covering my acne and scars that populate my cheeks. Long hair rocks!!
  13. :) Yay. Glad you're changing your diet. I hope it works out! And don't get discouraged if you have a flare up even when you eat healthy because it could be other factors like stress or lack of sleep. [/sTRONG] Ok thanks for the advice!....
  14. Hey girl!.. man I cant believe you've been through that!.. I just watch your 2006 pics that is just so bad. Just last two weeks I finally take it very serious to watch my diet 24/7 and so far I didn't have any major breakouts. You really give me HOPE HOPE HOPE!. i have severe acne and scars too. I love you gurl ! I love you thank god I found your account!... HOLISTIC DIET WORKS......
  15. Dude!. I always taught of myself as a RAIN MAN coz I dont know how to relate to people in general and I can't stand talking to people for at least 4 minutes. I just don't know how people communicate I mean I'm just on my own. I DUNNO HOW TO SOCIALISE but who cares... About the girlfriend thing, uhm I would say that I'm also in rank with you.Only though when I was 12 and 13 years old I did had 2 girlfriends but the downside is I really didnt feel love at that time coz I'm just too young (like a