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  1. I've been on accutane a little over a month and have been drinking during the time as well. I'm in a fraternity in college, so it's kinda hard not to drink (infact i unfortunately tend to get drunk about once a week). So far, it has not seemed to affect my liver, as my blood test came back really good. One thing, though, is that i noticed that i tend to get my worst breakouts a couple of days after being drunk. So, i guess alcohol with acne is just not a good combination at all. I am trying to c
  2. hey man, i look forward to seeing your progress on accutane. One thing, though, is that I recommend using a different cleanser other than soap. Often times, soap is too irritating on the skin and can cause acne breakouts. The most popular face wash amongst accutane users is Cetaphil. Just something to consider. Good luck man!
  3. Hey again everyone... I hadn't updated my journal in a couple of weeks, but now I finally did, complete with pics and all. Even though i just had a recent breakout, i've been seeing some progress, and look forward to seeing more in the coming weeks. Once again, here's the web address for my journal: http://nildiven1.tripod.com/
  4. holy crap dude! you're an amazing writer! Your dry, sarcastic sense of humor and awesome use of metaphors... genious. I dunno what you do for a living, but you should consider journalism, lol. I'm sure you could be one hell of a satirist.
  5. hey man. I just recently started accutane also (10 days ago). I look forward to seeing your progress as well. Good luck, and keep us updated!
  6. Accutane is a very concentrated form of vitamin a that is targeted for specific areas of the body. Also, vitamin A, in itself, is not bad. In small amounts, it is really good for you. But Vitamin A has a hard time flushing itself out of your system and can become very toxic if it is built up. It is very taxing on the liver especially (which is also why you have to get your liver monitered once a month on accutane). As long as you stay away from vitamin A while on accutane, you should be fine. Do
  7. I'm not exactly sure whether it is old pimples surfacing or new ones all together, but, in my case, it was a bad breakout. I was fine for the first couple days. By the time day three rolled around, however, I was hit bad with possibly the worst breakout i've ever experienced. I had tons of whiteheads and pimples were showing up in places that I never even have a problem with. Fortunately, though, it all went away rather quickly. By day 8 I was back to pre-accutane stage and now, a couple days la
  8. If you're asking how fast should you see results, well, that differs dramatically from person to person. Of the numerous journals i've read, though, it seems that most people start seeing results sometime between the first and second month, that continues to just get better and better from then on.
  9. hey man. Your about a month in and it seems black heads are becoming a significant part of the process. Hmm... I've only been on accutane for 9 days and I'm seeing a bunch of black heads rising in my nose and cheek area. If you're any indication of things to come, then it looks like i've got quite some time of dealing with blackheads. I wish I, too, knew what to do about them. Anyone else happen to know?
  10. I've read from a number of different journals and such that Vitamin E helps. I recently started accutane, and I just picked up a bottle of vitamin E pills yesterday. I've heard, though, that Vitamin E as a cream form (in which you apply to the spots) is even better. I'm not sure how much of this is fact or fiction, but eh, it's worth a shot. If the vitamin E doesn't help the redspots, it'll still help make you healthier
  11. I did get an intial breakout about 2 to 3 days after starting. And man, did it suck! It was one of the worst breakouts I've ever had. I mean, like a couple dozen whiteheads and a few zits in places that I've never had acne to begin with. But, it's been about another 3 or 4 days since I got the initial breakout and it's already started to heal nicely. I don't even have a whitehead anymore. But as far as the severity of initial breakouts goes, I think it just depends on the person. I think mine, i
  12. Hey guys, I just finished my first week on accutane. Once again, I am keeping a weekly journal at my website (http://nildiven1.tripod.com/index.html). I just updated the first week, including pics and stuff. Anyway, I'll be updating it on a weekly basis and including pics with each update. I'll make sure to keep ya guys informed on whenever I make an update. Again, here's the site: http://nildiven1.tripod.com/index.html