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  1. Nope. No side effects. But it'll take some time to work. I stopped because it was too expensive. Good luck

    1. does acnetix have any side effects???hehe i just got mine today >_<

      1. It hurts of course if someone makes fun of your acne. There are different ways to go about this. You can either: A) Be very witty and say something like, "Yeah, I got the case of acne. But thank God I don't have the case of ugly like you do" B) Make fun of them inside your head and realize that those stupid people are not worth it. You're beautiful no matter what. C) Just brush it off. Give a smirk and walk away. Karma bites back. You're always going to meet assholes like them. If not your
      2. Are you eating it with food? I remember when I first starting taking it I didn't eat...bad idea. Make sure you eat something. Preferably a meal. And try to avoid dairy products
      3. Lol. I third this...errr....4th? 5th? W/e Dieting for 6 months didn't do jack crap for me. It just made me crave sweets and junk food. Especially since a girl craves sweets/salty things when on their period. Losing a bit of weight was the only plus but damn did I miss pizza. So screw the diet. I don't think that's the cause of my acne. Could be for others. So I'm just going to indulge myself while I still can.
      4. Lol. Did you create this yourself? Interesting. I probably will try it out on some spots and see how it does. A bit skeptical on the rubbing alcohol though...
      5. Okay, I'm sorry, but I'm a bit irked when someone says "I have acne", and immediately someone else says, "Oh, go on Accutane." It's kind of like back when Accutane wasn't "popular" and someone told me, "Oh, use Proactiv." She suddenly got this because of threading most likely which does irritate the skin. She doesn't NEED to go on Accutane. She should try other topicals/antibiotics first. Anyways... This means your boyfriend loves you for who you are and he's not going to dump you
      6. I remember when I went to China I suddenly became flawless. I thought it was interesting because it's so humid there. I guess it's what alter says. Maybe you're stressed at home. Usually when you're vacationing, you're less stressed. Also I heard that people usually tend to drink more water and walk around when on vacation. That might also help with acne.
      7. You know, calling people fat is not only very rude, but also hypocritical in a way. Calling a person fat is similar to saying something to a person with acne, "Hey, your face is like a pizza." Choose your words wisely. There are sensitive people on this site and you might just offend them. There is no one cause of acne. Some it could be diets, some it could be something else.
      8. Tell your friend to make sure that it's Yoona! XD

        Btw, good luck on your exam! What's your course?

        1. Lol. I nono if I can go thoughhhhhhhhh. I have a final the day after!!! :C. Poooop. If I do go..I'll take lotsa pics and send you all of them! If I can't go...I'll tell someone to steal a singer...and then I'll ship him/her to ya! ;D

          1. omgwtfbbq!! if only I'm in the states then I would be there for sure! and we woulda hang out watching our fav korean groups XD

            Oh well, it's great since you'll see your biG baaAng! lolx

            1. lmao. Thanks. Sorry I haven't been on for awhile...so much stuff to do. yargh! Hmmm, if you should come to California because all there's this Korean festival going on in May and all these famous Korean singers will be there!!!!!

              1. wow! gorgeous profile pic! just as gorgeous on how you make funny words. =]

                1. Yeah. Some don't hurt. I have one that's just bothering me because it's there. Well, a cyst usually lingers on the face for awhile. I have one that's been on my face for a month...and still counting. When you ice it, it's cold so it's going to be red. But you need a topical to put on it also because it's inflamed. OR You can go to the dermatologist and get a cortisone shot which reduces the size of the cyst. But if you don't want to spend the money, don't touch it and find a topical gel