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  1. it prob is on delay or somethin. who knows. but with dans bp you get a looooot more of the product. the acne spot stuff is tiny tiny and hasnt worked for me. so far i like the bp gel of dan's. hopefully you'll get it!!
  2. i start ortho tri cylen when i start my next period, which is in a few days. this is the first time in my life ive actually wanted my period to come haha. i wanna get started on this and see what happens.... btw my friend has been on it from ages 12-17 and it has worked well for her. she said it takes like 1-2 months to start clearing acne. her daddy reccommended this pill for her and he's a doctor, but i guess to each his own...i just HOPE it works for me. im so tired of this crap.
  3. retain-a sucks...it just made me peel a whole bunch. i used it back in middle school (11th grade now) so i dont really remember how oily my skin was before it but now i have very oily face. it sucks. i have never even thought about retain-a causing it but now that it has been brought to my attention it very well could have....DAMN THAT RETAIN-A!
  4. wow when i first read this i thought you said does bp make you skinny. i was like wtf!? ha o well. i have really oily/shiny skin...sad.
  5. kitkat24


    proactive sucks. wouldnt reccommend it to anyone!!! except maybe my worst enemy with bad acne..no jk. i used it for a year and no results. stop your order!!!!
  6. dont forget to replace the wristband or wash it or somethin cause if not it would probably worsen your acne
  7. that sucks. was there a guarantee? the one im talkin about had a money back guarantee which made me interested in it.
  8. lord knows i need it too....
  9. i hate proactiv and im finally gonna get off it. i kept thinkin maybe if i stick to it that id get some results....nope. but i guess it depends on your skin type. i think my acne is probably hormonal so im thinkin about birth control.
  10. what store did y'all get the eucerin stuff from?
  11. proactive sucks. ive been on it for i guess a year but now that i have found this website im gonna try this and cancel my proactive crap. i dont recommend it but maybe my skin is just stupid.
  12. my friend has been taking birth control since 7th grade...now in 11th for her acne. does anyone else take it? what kind do you suggest or not suggest? i have read that ortho tri-cyclen is the best for acne. oh yeah! and do the pills make u gain weight???
  13. not sure if anyone has posted bout this since im new here but o well. im a cheerleader and a track runner and i have to run etc outside a lot for both sports. plus the football games are outside and its sooo hot. what is a good face makeup: concealer, foundation, or whatever that won't come off from sweat? eye makeup too if you have any suggestions...
  14. yeah. i just read about that yesterday if we're talkin about the same one. i was skeptical. i wanna know about it too.