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  1. is the new BP gel available in stores (in the US) or is it still only available online? thanks
  2. It is a miracle drug. I was on it for 6 months and side effects were not nearly as bad as they were hyped to be. Yes you'll be dry but cetaphil moisturizer easily took care of it. Worse side effect I experieced was lower back pain which would reoccur once every 2 weeks or so. My skin is perfectly clear now and is continuing to inprove as the months pass. Feel free to ask any questions
  3. Yes i've done stuff like that before. But I must say... your very cute
  4. I thought the serum was the best vehicle to use to get the creatine to your muscles. I heard that if you use powder that most of it is lost before getting to your muscles
  5. I'm thinking about goin on creatine. Do any of you guys know that it specifically broke you out? I'm perfectly clear now (been off of accutane for 3 months now ) and I dont want to break out again. thanks
  6. I might start taking some Creatine Monohydrate Serum (which i hear is best). I just want to know if this has broken other people out?
  7. Will this be available at like CVS and stores like that? I hope so!
  8. I remember at lunch infront of all my friends my friend said "If i had as many pimples as him I'd be popping all day" That was during the initial breakout of my accutane course But on a lighter note, one of my good friends once said during lunch "your skin is looking really good. it's cleared up so much" This was about 4 months into my accutane treatment. Needless to say, I was in a good mood the rest of the day
  9. Its called the zeno and apparently its awesome.
  10. about 2 weeks after you should stop feeling most of the side effects
  11. Nevermind, can a mod delete this post please?