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  1. Ok now this seems to be getting worse and dermatologist has told me "it's not that bad" and gave me some cream. Now I have to wait another month for another appointment. Wish they could live with it...
  2. Anyone else had issues with acne on forehead? For nearly a year now i have had this but every time I get an appointment for my dermatologist it seems to not appear as bad. It is just localised in the middle and I have no other acne other than the odd pimple on my chest. If you have had this, was it linked to anything? did anything help? Thank you
  3. I am still having this issue. I have recently been given some cream from my gp As he thinks it may be roasacea. Is there certain things that can make this worse? Because one week I'm fine and the next I look awful again. I'm just getting sick of this now..
  4. I have been off roacutane since Dec 2010 and have never had any problems really. This redness has appeared for the last 7 months. It is extremely itchy. It appears to be getting less red for a few days then gets worse again.. This is it at its worse. Probably not a great photo, but my skin is REALLY red Is there anything i can do to make it less red?
  5. Wow, been such a long time since i have been online. My skin seemed to get a lot better, and i finally finished my 6 months in the beginning of December. Around November time i started noticing my nose was extremely dry inside, it was very sore. I had no acne in the time of Decemeber, my derm told me i did not need to see him again, Then at the end of the month the acne had started to come back . This time, not on my chin, but all over my nose. I went to my GP today, he has given me Oxytetrac
  6. Hi, sorry i have not been around. I am still getting this now. I finished my roaccutane in Dec however i still have this issue. I have been given cream from my GP which did not help. He has now told me to use moisturiser in my nose?
  7. I can't seem to get anything to work. Vaseline I have tried also. . . My nose is extremely dry now. Even when I blow my nose I am getting blood on the tissue, but yet, I have had no nose bleed's
  8. I have been on roaccutane for 3 months now, i have run out and not taken any for about 7 days now, my appointment is next Monday, so hopefully my derm will give me more... Yesterday i woke up with a horrible puffy eye, it just kept getting worse, i went to the doctors this morning, and he said i had a stye in my eye, which has become infected. Has anyone else experienced this that is on roaccutane?
  9. Has anyone else had this while on Accutane? I have been on it nearly 3 months now, and within the last few days i have really dry nose Around the rim of the nostrils it is very very dry and red, very sore. My nose hasnt been bleeding but there is blood near the opening of the nostrils. I went to my GP who said it was very dry, and that it could be infected too, or could just be due to moisture. He gave me some cream to use, and told me also to use Vaseline, just wondered if anyone else has had t
  10. I had a guy Dermatologist and within 2 mins of being in on my first appointment he prescribed it . Didn't even offer me anything else. . . . Maybe that's cause I have tried all the antibiotics though?
  11. To every post I have said I am on day 60 today, please ignore me lol, I am only on day 51 . . . Sorry day 51 - my skin is very red and right side is very sore when I talk or smile. I still have very small red lumps. If you can't notice my red chin from 50 metres away there's something wrong . I hate my skin and I can't wait to get rid of this acne. For the last few day's I hat noticed lower back pain, which is also triggered if I sneeze. Not sure if this is related or not . I am getting new acn
  12. I must be the lowest dosage person on this forum? Maybe? I am on 20mg a day , and have been for 2 months. I have another month before I go back to the Dermatologist so this will make it 3 months . I am around 140lb . I am supposed to be trying roaccutane for 6 month's. Do you think the Dermatologist will up my dosage in August? I am yet to see improvements on this and I am on day 60 .
  13. This will not help you but I had this around 10 day's ago, would have been about day 50. I only had it on the one arm, near the elbow but it's just as you described. I am also trying to work out what this was but it is going now. I didn't think it was related to Accutane so I didn't post it here, but it's weird how we both had it round the same time of nearly 2 months
  14. It pushes up the acne from beneath your skin quickly? What does that mean? Lol . Would this explain why I have loads of small lumps of acne on my chin area, I am on day 60 today
  15. Well I waited around 3 weeks for a Dermatology appointment from when my doctor sent me. When I got there , all he did was say that I had acne (clever Derm) lol . He asked me what I had been on before, then straight away told me about roaccutane, I told him I had heard of it but wasn't keen on side effects, he said that he doesn't know why people get that impression as this drug does work and other drugs have side effects too. So, next he made me fill out a form to check on what state of mind I w