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  1. thanks for the msn add. i dont sign in very often so dont be offended if you never see me on lol

  2. So you guys use accutane. I heard of its side effects, while on accutane, have you experienced the said effects and side effects? anyway I heard it will take 7 days for it to show some improvements. My dermatologist mentioned that to me but she told me to take oral antibiotics first, Tetralysal. She told me Isotretinoin will be our last option if none of my medications work. LOve the snake haha what is it?
  3. I know.. people tell me not to but I still do without knowing I am. Sometimes I think Its just an innate behaviour when we get pimples. there is a strong desire to pick on our skin. its weird. it has got to stop though...
  4. does make up cause severe acne?
  5. Are there acne myths aside from the ones in acne.org?
  6. Does anyone know how to get rid of the scars caused by acne? Are there topical solutions? Besides taking accutane since i've heard of the side effects. I have also heard of acne scar lasers using blue LED lights and red lights to remove scars. What do you think is best?
  7. can anyone tell me what gentle cleansers I can buy in stores. I have oily skin
  8. I dont know how to get rid of them