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  1. I still get red marks, but they go away much faster than before (unless I pop them, which I regret I can't help doing sometimes). They take around 3-4 days to disappear now, if I don't pop. Hope that helps!
  2. not usually, tho sexual activity can cause hormonal changes in the body. but looking at it the other way, masturbating releases stress, which can build up and be a cause for breakouts. i tried the whole not masturbating/sex thing for 40 days (a la 40 days and 40 nights) and it didnt do anything for me except making me really horny all the time
  3. hey whats up everybody, i have moderate nodulocystic acne on my face and upper neck/jawline. i've been intermittently lurking on this site for about 4 years now - at first i just wanted to try out the regimen with bp. at first it worked a little bit, but as i grew older (i was 18 at the time) i developed an allergy to bp (and any sunscreen - they cause me to break out in hives for 3 days and i couldnt really open my mouth because of the swelling) and had to stop the regimen. also i now have