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  1. hi! i have gone through this too..where i just felt completely horrible about myself.. i just started accutane about a month ago and i can already see some progress.. maybe you should ask your derm about it ? everything will get better, i promise
  2. hi! i have mild/moderate acne and get cysts occasionally.. my first derm refused to put me on accutane no matter what.. nothing helped my acne ( oral antibiotics, topicals, etc ) no matter what i switched derms and finally got prescribed to accutane try going to a different derm and getting a second opinion..
  3. yay! i just started accutane 6 days ago and i'm happy to see the progress you've made!
  4. Does taking birth control while you are on accutane help your breakouts?
  5. I have the same kind of acne you have and my dermotologist just put me on accutane..i'll keep you updated on how it goes
  6. I have the zeno and I don't feel like it helps at all. It kind of hurts and irritates the skin more than it helps it. It's not worth the money, don't buy it.
  7. These will eventually be before and after pictures of Ragon and I. We're really excited about going on accutane and we hope everything turns out well :)