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  1. I don't think acne bacteria develops resistance to Benzaclin. I mean, Benzaclin has benzoyl peroxide in it, which kills anaerobic bacteria with oxygen. It's impossible for these anaerobic bacteria to become aerobic (it would take millions of years for them to evolve into aerobic bacteria). Benzoyl peroxide doesn't work like antibiotics.
  2. I doubt yogurt works best than benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.
  3. Thank you for your reply, .OurTime., but I still need more people to convince me that all the time and effort I spend keeping my face clear is worth it. Personally, I find it hard to believe that Accutane by itself can cause autoimmune diseases and a lot of other serious conditions people describe. Even if it does, those are very rare cases, I assume. Of course, I know almost nothing about Accutane. What I really want is to hear people's opinions about this: the risks of taking Accutane justify
  4. I was just thinking about how much money we spend with acne products and how much time and effort we devote to clearing our faces (or in most cases, keeping them clear). My face has been clear for a month, I guess, but I spend so much time on my regimen that it just isn't worth it. But most important is the time I spend thinking about my acne. Thinking about treatments, regimens, products, etc.... That just isn't right. Ok, there is a way to clear your face with over-the-counter medications. But
  5. Acne.org's moisturizer actually contains jojoba seed oil, just check the ingredients.
  6. Hi to all of you who have been struggling with mild, but persistent acne, like I myself was until about a week ago. I think you guys, like me, think of acne as an enemy. But it isn't an unbeatable enemy. They say there's no cure for acne, but I disagree. I have no active lesions, all my marks are fading and no new pimples or blackheads are forming. What's the price of that? For me, my regimen worked splendidly in a few days, that's why I don't understand people who have been doing something fo
  7. I haven't read all the replies but I just wanted to say people shouldn't be so scared of using SA with BP. I use a glycolic and salicylic acid cleanser, and then a gel with 2% SA. After a few hours, I put on BP 10%. My skin isn't irritated nor is it red; also, my face is clear - the BP prevents pimples and the SA, blacheads. It also fades red marks. What really irritates your skin is using too much of a product. The key is consistency - sticking with a regimen. And there's no such thing as a sp
  8. Benzoyl peroxide works by killing the bacteria that causes acne. Unless you keep using it, the bacteria will regrow and your acne will come back.
  9. Thank you for the replies Since my skin is really bad, but I don't want to stop the regimen completely, I'll apply a really small amount of BP at night, without increasing it, until my skin recovers.
  10. I have started the regimen for a week now and since the beginning I have been using a lot of benzoyl peroxide. Because of that, my skin is worse than it should be: very red, very itchy, very sensitive, and peeling. I was wondering if I could stop doing the Regimen for a few days until my sking goes back to normal, and then start doing it again but with a lot less benzoyl peroxide. Or is all that normal and I should continue? Wel, I don't think it's normal... My skin looks awful.