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  1. I think fraxel is different from Palomar. Is this what you got? http://www.palomarmedical.com/treatments/l...ar-removal.aspx
  2. I think fraxel is different from Palomar. Is this what you got? http://www.palomarmedical.com/treatments/l...ar-removal.aspx
  3. I'm thinking about getting the Palomar Starlux Lux 1540 Fractional Laser soon. I want to get it mainly for a few huge rolling scars that I have on my chin, right below the side of my lips. My derm told me that after 5 sessions, it would look BETTER, but it might not look perfect. It would cost me over a grand, so it's a tough decision. The scars aren't that noticeable in dim lighting or at night, but outdoors when the sunlight hits my face directly it creates these huge shadows. Now I'm pretty s
  4. I might be getting Fractional Nonablative Resurfacing Laser, which they say is "a series of five treatments at 4 week intervals". Would that mean I have to avoid sun for 5+ months essentially? Also, would this cause permanent skin lightening and possible a bald spot in my facial hair area?
  5. Do they charge the same amount for laser treatment for 1-2 scars compared to the whole face? Fractional Nonablative Resurfacing Laser to be specific.
  6. Anyone had Fractional Nonablative Resurfacing Laser also known as The Palomar Starlux Lux 1540 Fractional Laser? I have rolling scars around the chin area and was wondering if anyone else had success with this. and if so, how many treatments did it take and what were the side effects?
  7. Can I lather up Cetaphil's gentle cleanser and shave with that, same as Dans cleanser and still work the same? Anybody else do this?
  8. Hi, I just started month 5 of my tane and havent had not even the smallest breakout in about 4-5 weeks. What scares me is around month 2-3 I went a whole 2 weeks clear then I broke out badly again (no there was never a dosage change). So what do you do think? Has anyone on here been clear for a month on tane and broke out again later on tane?
  9. Hi, I'm 20 year old male around 165, started accutane 4 months ago so I am on Month 4. My Dr. wanted to start me on 80mg but I told him I wanted 40mg for less side effects so he let me do 40mg, now on month 4 he says my blood results said my liver # went up too high (no i havent been drinking or taking any other pills), so he told me to stop for 1 week then start again to see if my liver goes down. I'm still breaking out with big cysts starting month 4... what are the chances that this course wo
  10. Hi, I been on accutane 4 months for solely large cysts on my chin.. I never break out by my sideburn.. now all of a sudden on month 4 I got a cyst by my sideburn which I have never had in my life. SHould this be something to worry about? Could accutane cause cysts in places where cysts have never occurred before? Its wierd because my chin acne was getting better and now this. Thanks