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  1. It's been around ten years since I finished my course of Isotretinoin (Accutane). Here is the blog I made at the time: https://www.acne.org/forums/topic/220074-my-amazing-accutane-log-finished/ Back then I was extremely shy, self conscious, and had zero confidence. Probably quite typical for a teenager but I'd say the acne really held me back from developing myself and gaining the confidence to be who I wanted to be and do what I wanted to do. I obviously don't know how my skin would have b
  2. So it's been about two and a half years since my last post. It's interesting to read my blog again after so long. It was definitely a tough journey, going through the effects of such a potent drug. I'm happy to say that since my skin cleared up all that time ago, it's stayed virtually the same. For the first year or so (roughly) I think I got fewer than ten spots OVERALL on my face, which is incredible considering that I would get SEVERAL A DAY before Accutane. Nowadays my skin is absolutely fi
  3. Yvette you look amazing!! I'm well happy for you Congratulations!
  4. Thanks, I weigh about 65kg and took 60mg/day for about 5.5 months, so that's approx. 9900mg overall, so about 152 mg per kg? Does that sound about right?
  5. Okay it's been about 1 month now since I finished my course of Isotretinoin. I'm starting to get greasy hair again but my hands and lips are perfectly fine again now, and most importantly, my acne has gone! Overall, I'm really glad I took this drug. I used to hate people looking at me so obviously that made it really difficult for me to do a lot of stuff, even just talking to people. But my skin doesn't bother me at all now, it's just nothing, acne is completely out of my mind! So I'm a lo
  6. Glad to hear that your skin's getting clearer And I'm guessing it's even better now as it's been a month since your last post. Don't feel depressed I think I get the bumps under the skin you mention, the ones that before Accutane used to come to a head. I have an area on one side of my chin where I can feel them, but they don't seem to be going away! I'm worried that it will start coming out when I stop Accutane. Do yours go away? I thought maybe it's the skin damaged underneath? Or do you
  7. I have almost clear skin! Woo! Apart from literally a couple of random spots (which go away really quickly anyway) I've had NOTHING. I don't have to wake up in the morning and worry about it now, and I feel so much more confident in myself. The side effects from the drugs can be really annoying at times, especially the dryness of my lips. Overall though, it has been worth it. I just looked back at some pictures I took from the first couple of months on the course and my skin looks terrible. It m
  8. Day 103 I think. Well, I kind of have bad news and good news. GOOD- My face is looking sooo clear. I love it. I haven't had a new spot on my face for several weeks now I would say, and the red marks are slowly but surely starting to fade . I took pictures today and where usually I would easily see loads of red marks and blackheads etc, it is lovely and healthy and smooth. It is definitely not perfect but it has improved sooo much! BAD- I went to see my dermatologist last week and she has i
  9. OK, I think I'm on day 80 now...seems like sooo long ago I took my first pill! Since I last posted, my skin hasn't improved much if at all. It just seems like everything has slowed down. I'm still getting new spots, just less often. I suppose this is good because it gives it time to heal, but I don't feel happy yet about the way I look. I just looked back at some photos I took on day 1 of my course and I did have way more red marks than I do now, so I'm kinda happy about that. I would recomme
  10. I just thought I would mention that I think I'm starting to see improvements! I don't think I've had any spots appear on my chin for a week now which sounds rubbish but I used to get probably 1+ new a day before! Also, I am definitely a lot happier , only a couple of weeks ago I felt soooo crap and just wanted to stay indoors all the time...it really is a rollercoaster ride on these drugs, one week you're breaking out and feeling so down all the time and then the next things start to improve a
  11. Thanks for all your advice, I really appreciate it. I think my eyes are bearable at the moment, but if they get worse I will have a look out for that Refresh. I tried brushing my lips last night and it felt weird lol but I think it has made a difference. Regarding nosebleeds, I haven't had one for like a week now, which is good. My nose is really runny though, it's so annoying especially at work. I guess that's more to do with the cold though. I keep on blaming little things on Accutane lol. Par
  12. Day 54 This week was probably the worst I've had since I started Accutane. - I broke out on my chin where it felt bumpy before and different places around my face which was horrible. - Still getting new spots probably every day, mainly around my mouth area, some of which I'm thinking might be due to the Vaseline . - Had a couple of nosebleeds. - My eyes are still dry. - I find myself constantly biting my lips because they're so dry and peeling. - My back is still improving though. It's di
  13. Hey! Good to hear from you! I looked at your pics and you look great! You must be really happy
  14. Day 45 I haven't really made any progress in the last week, which is a shame. Seems to be taking its time! It hasn't got worse though, which I'm pleased about. Anyway, here's what I've noticed: - My eyes are starting to get quite dry: I feel like I have to blink constantly. - A few new spots, which seem to dry up relatively quickly. - My chin still feels bumpy, as if there are spots ready to emerge. Hopefully they'll go away. This is the main thing I'm worried about at the moment. - My fo
  15. OK so it's day 36! Not a great week, unfortunately. Not unbearable though. I've decided that instead of just rambling for ages, I'm going to summarise the things people might actually find interesting/useful. -Got some new spots around my mouth area and my forehead, which seem to be taking forever to disappear. (but maybe I'm just being impatient) -Lips are still REALLY dry which sometimes makes it difficult to talk because I feel like I'm going to cut them. I'm still using Vaseline on them ev