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  1. Usually, I'll dab on a little bit of light lotion. I use--- I don't recall the name and it doesn't matter, since it's Brazilian brand, but either way, just something light and soothing that will help your back get over the irritation. (: Nothing harsh, just something for sensitive skin should be fine! Good luck!
  2. Hey!! Being a girl, I get my legs waxed from time to time and sometimes get something similar afterward for a couple of days. It sounds to me like just irritation and I would suggest just washing your back like normal without any abrasive loofas or soaps. (: It should be fine. It could also just be an allergic reaction to the wax, or whatever you used. I wouldn't worry about it, just let it be for a week and see if there are improvements. Good luck!!
  3. Being in Brazil, I've been using ACV for a little while with great results. I use it both topically and orally. I will tell you though that Brazil doesn't have a lot of ACV, so, I have one brand to choose from. 8D It's called Borges and I'm pretty sure it's not organic. Wait, I now know it's not Organic, since I'm looking at it. But, comparing my results to what people have posted, I'd say there is no difference. My results have just been good, and in some cases better, than what people have sai
  4. As a real Brazilian myself, -cough-, xD, I'm going to tell you that getting a Brazilian wax isn't half bad and I absolutely love not having to worry about shaving every couple of days, especially me, because as Brazilian living on the beach, I spend a lot of time there. Anyways, the best thing I can suggest is to, like everyone else has said, relax and find a specialist who you're willing to talk to a little! Get someone who is professional, comfy, and experienced. Also, if you go in thinking it
  5. Dan's. Hands down. (: I also added some olive oil to my moisturizer, which helped with red marks.
  6. For me, Accutane isn't an option and I wouldn't let it be, even if it medically was. I suppose I really don't mind having a regimens. Through it all, it was acne that really lead to me taking care of myself. Because of acne, my diet has cleaned up in amazing leaps and bounds, I workout more, and I just generally feel better. Spending fifteen-twenty minutes in the morning doesn't bother me in the least, especially since I do the things I need to do for my skin between everything else. For example
  7. Well--- I'm allergic to UV rays, so, hah, I have a good reason to be out of the sun, but if I wasnt, I still have a feeling I would use sunscreen when I could. Being in Brazil, the sun is vicious, especially to me. Im pretty pale-skinned naturally. But I think a lot of this topic is personal preference depending on what your genetic make-up is and what you like to look like. There are people who can survive long hours in the sun and just tan it off without a mark of burn and there are people li
  8. The same happens to me, and it took me a while to figure out, but I ended up going to the doctor and getting an allergy test. Not because of my oily skin, but because I would go out in the summer sun for ten minutes and be so burned I couldn't walk. Turns out, I have a mild allergy to UV rays, a big part of sunlight. Although it's not deadly or anything-- I burn very easily, very badly, and very quickly and even fifteen minutes in sunlight can make my skin all funky, like you said, oily or break
  9. Hey guys! My name Viva, nice to meet you. Even though this is my first time posting, I’m not really new here. I’ve been searching these forums for a great time and have found a lot of help throughout the months. But, I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and join, because everybody seems very helpful, friendly, and supportive, and that’s exactly what I want to get in to, since it’s hard sometimes to find support around here. A quick note on me: I’m 17, I was living in Nor