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  1. I keep seeing a lot of different descriptions for Accutane. Could someone possibly list and or explan what different varieties there are? I know some must be generic versions. Is Roaccutane exaclty the same (not generic) as Accutane branded capsules? Do all forms of Accutane including generic contain 'isotretnoin' as the main fighting ingredient? Thx.
  2. Im looking for a good moisturizer which is oil free, fragrance free, and non-comedogenic. I don't mind the cost. I am currently using a Peter Thomas Roth one which has SPF 30 in it. My skin is oily to begin with but this product makes my face look super oily. I think its the SPF. Im trying to find a good moisturizer that will not make my face drip in oil after a few hours after getting out of the shower. Thx!
  3. Well I think im gonna start taking my 1x40mg accutane a day. I was wondering if it matters what time of the day to take it. I am currently taking a 50mg zinc supplement and the following multivitamin once a day. http://www.dermamed.com/product_details/nu...utrition_tskin/ It has 15000IU Pro Vitamin A as Beta carotene...is this ok to take with Accutane? So I was thinking of taking the 1x40mg Accutane around mid-day, the 50mg Zinc around 6pm and the multivitamin before I go to bed. One reaso
  4. My doc has given me 40mg once a day for four months If I choose to take Accutane. I don't have severe acne and have been on Accutane maybe 6 years ago but can't remember what dosage i was taking and if I had an initial breakout. To avoid the chance of getting an initial breakout do you think I should just take 1x40mg every other day for a week or two before taking the accutane every day like instructed? Also one more question..because accutane drys out the skin so much, will it make existing w
  5. I have really oily skin where after showering and even putting on an oil free moisturizer my face shines like crazy a couple hours after. I have been given the OK to go on Accutane if I choose. Just wondering how far in, the oil coming out on your face cut back and changed? Also for those now off accutane is your skin still less oily than when you started? Thanks!
  6. Porad did you get a bad initial breakout and if so roughly how many days in did it occur? How is your skin at the moment compared to when u started? I have been given the OK by my doc to start taking 1x40mg a day of Accutane. I am still hesitant at the moment and just wondering how its working with others. Thanks.
  7. Was on mino for bout six months and acne started clearing but then towards the end I still wasn't happy and still got a lot of spots. Went straight on erythro for 6 months. Same thing happened. Also both times my skin was taking for ever to heal and I was still getting spots. Decided to stop antibiotics completely and started drinking green tea, taking zinc, changing shaving habits etc. Even though I would get the odd spot I felt really good bout my skin. This lasted about 4 months. My ski
  8. Well I had been taking this Zinc supplement with 50mg Zinc and 2mg Copper. I had been taking it for months and months and my acne was pretty much under control. At one point I wouldn't get spots for a whole week. I switched moisturizers recently and noticed I was breaking out more on my forehead and decided to switch back to my old one which doesn't break me out but makes my face look kinda oily and greasy. I was trying diff moisturizers to get a matter look. Well since I switched moisturize
  9. Can anyone list some things I can eat to get the calcium I need since I do not eat and drink dairy. Of course I need to eat stuff that won't possibly break me out. I have taken a Calcium vitamin 500mg with magnesium 250mg quite a few times but usually get 1 or 2 spots around this time. Not sure if it is coincidence or not. Maybe the Calcium and Magnesium are hindering the performance of the Zinc supplement and Multivitamin I take during the day. Maybe I should try a lesser amount Calcium Sup
  10. Hmm if I wasn't drinking green tea (organic tea bags) twice a day and taking a zinc supplement I think my skin would be a lot worse right now. My skin been far better adding these to things to my regiment since getting of antibiotics. I took erythromycin and minocycline. Both antibiotics helped at the start after bad intitial breakout but my skin got to the point where it couldn't heal itself properly and even though the spots had slowed down from appearing it took forever for existing ones t
  11. Yeah I bought some yesterday and am taking the liquid twice a day. It doesn't taste great at all but I think its best to just take it all at once and get the bad taste out of the way. I tried some with Oatmeal this morning but it ruined my breakfast. Im just gonna take it as is. Hopefully this helps with my oily skin. Ps. Thx for the update once again Gurra!
  12. Well thanks for the update! Hmm maybe I should try some of that. Yeah my skin get's really oily noticible about 4 hrs after I have showered and moisturized (oil free). Did you have similar problems? Also have u noticed whether it has caused u to break out more and maybe in new areas? or is you acne getting better or the same? Anyone else? Thanks a lot!
  13. Well I was on antibiotics for a while and heard milk thistle was good for the liver. I have never had a problem with back acne. Maybe the occasional spots once in a while but I don't know if its just coincidence or not but after starting to take MT a few days ago I now have like aroiund six spots on my back. No new ones on my face except one small one. So has anyone else experienced this?
  14. 3 things that have really improved my acne so much compared to when I even used to be on a strict diet and antibiotics are...I still watch what I eat though: Cetaphil Cleanser (both the reg and oily skin version help) Organic Green Tea Bags (2 cups a day usually sometime after breakfast and dinner) Zinc 50mg with 2mg Copper tablet. Hope this helps anyone!
  15. Yeah Im going to hunt down some other healthfood stores and find the 15mg Zinc tablets and use them instead of the 50mg. Thx.