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  1. Wow, wow, wow. I almost forgot about this account!

    1. Day 47 Asthma: Clear Skin: *soft *two new actives---scared that my skin is definitely going to be destroyed again with the coming of my period....Oh, Lord!!!! * lips are basically back to normal... not a good sign. I need to get back on accutane ASAP. A week is enough and about three weeks on really being on 10mg. Appointment is only 2 days away. I have to admit now, waiting wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, especially since my skin has improved since I have started the pills, al
    2. yeah, I agree with you about the length of your course. I have never heard of such a short treatment with this stuff. Maybe she just mispoke but if not I would definitely go head to head with her on this and really get a justification. Hopefully, it was just an error on her part.
    3. Day 46 Asthma: clear Skin: soft and marks are beginning to show signs of fading! two very tiny dying bump and no new actives for past couple of days. I have no more pills and skin is holding up BUT my freaking period is coming so I am very afraid of the disaster that most likely will come my way. Also, I did have an ear infection which I am still battling but pain is much better now.
    4. hopefuk42day---- that is too funny!!!!!!!!! Wished I was that bold but honestly I have run out of pills and my skin is staying steady...for now. Thanks 4 checking up on me.
    5. hey, congrats on getting that A on your paper and getting your appointment with the derm!!!!Also, I completely understand how you feel about missing days with this treatment. I have two pills left and my next appointment is next week Thursday!!!! I hate it. The past two weeks I have had to skip days in between pills to sort of stretch it out. I am so afraid that all progress will not only stop but reverse. So far, the softness of my skin is holding up but my lips are almost back to normal s
    6. Day 42 Heading to the doc because I think I have an ear infection. My ears are hurting badly. I had a low grade fever last night and my throat has also been hurting. I am on spring break and don't want to waste it being stuck in bed! later! Asthma: *clear Skin: *same as yesterday *no new active
    7. hateAcne!---- Thanks. Don't worry too much about the IB. If happens it doesn't last for a long time and it is one indication that this stuff is working for you. Hope you don't get it also but at the end it would be all worth it. After a few months you will have clear soft skin!!!!!!!!! Good luck!
    8. Day 41 That ugly and huge lump I had finally flattened but not yet gone. I am happy for that! It completely depressed me this past week and made life uncomfortable. I guess things have been tougher for me this time around because only a few months ago I had clear skin and it was devastating to have gone back-wards. I am slowly saying "F" it. I have acne (for now) and whoever is around me better just deal with it. Last night, after spending some time away in Boston I came back- acne and all
    9. Day 36 Asthma: *did not have to use pump today for the first time in a week since been sick Skin: * ugly ass new active on my right cheek * very soft- face & body * dry, wrinkled lips
    10. hope42day- you made me smile! I can't wait to see your progress also. I better soon put up those pics I promised a couple of weeks, lol. Day 34 My lips feel less dry and is not peeling as badly so I think the fact that I am at 10mg has a lot to do with it. I am just hoping that my skin will hold up and not break out too much until I can get back on 20 or 30mg. I know my derm wants me to go start this course again at 40mg like my last one but I am not comfortable with it anymore. I don'
    11. wow, you remind me so much of myself. I have a terrible time holding myself from picking my skin. I just so damn hard. I hate feelign any sort if bumps on my face and the minute I zero in on one.. oh boy. I also get very nervous before going in to do my bloodwork but hope all goes well for ya!
    12. I definitely see progress in texture which is a great sign that you are on your way to clear skin. For me after a little after month two was when it seemed the magic truly began. You are not far away at all from the looks of things.
    13. Sorry to hear about the tummy issue and the disruption in your course. But accutane will stay in your system for awhile so don't fret too much. First thing is making sure you figure this thing out and I hope you do quickly so you can get back to the business of getting clear skin.
    14. I agree. Increasing my water consumption helped me a lot. But not only with headaches, as well as other body aches. Dehydration---even mild--- can cause backaches, headaches, and leg pain which I experenced during my first course. I actually did find out that I was seriously dehydrated and now take it much more seriously with this round. I wish you well with your treatment!