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  1. I'm looking for advice on adapting my regimen to daily bicycle commuting and the inevitable sweat/irritation/sun exposure that will happen with this change. Currently I take public transit to and from work so this is not an issue. The ride will be about 4 miles each way. The weather should be moderate (50-90 degrees F). A little background: I've had acne since puberty and am now 29 years old; my mother had severe acne into her 40's so I believe it's largely genetic for me. My acne is primarily
  2. Hi folks, I'm dealing with excessive peeling and need to figure out how to tweak my regimen to stop it. Here's my current regimen (mostly Paula's Choice products): A.M. Paula's Choice Moisture Boost Cleanser or Skin Balancing Cleanser (both non-medicated) Paula's BHA gel (mix of 2% and 1% concentrations) Paula's 2.5% BP Paula's Skin Balancing Moisture Gel (non-SPF) or Paula's Skin Reovery Moisturizer (with SPF) or Purpose Redness Reducing Moisturizer (with SPF) (I switch these around ba
  3. For those ladies who breakout around their periods, when exactly does the breakout occur? Is it a few days before your period, exactly when it starts, or a few days after it's started? (I ask because I've been totally clear for about 2 weeks now, but got a couple pauples about 2 days after my period started. I'm trying to figure out if I can attribute them to the hormonal change or if it's something else).
  4. What are your thoughts on using a non-medicated cleanser vs. cleanser with active ingredients? I've seen comments that say medicated cleansers are a waste since they are immediately washed off the skin. Plus, the active ingredients (like BP or SA) are just going to increase dryness and irritation. I have dry/oily combination skin. I'm using 15% Mandelic acid as my primary topical product and spot treating minimally with BP 10%. I want to incorporate SA as an all-over, anti-bacterial component,
  5. My acne is moderate: pauples, pustules, blackheads, whiteheads, and hyperpigmentation. The only time my skin was 100% clear was with Proactiv. Of course, my skin was incredibly dry and the tone was horrible, but it prevented breakouts and cleared new ones in a flash. I'm hesitant to go back on a BP-based regimen because it is so harsh and I'm afraid of its carcinogenic potential. I tried a mild SA and GA regimen for several months, but it didn't prevent breakouts. The GA dried out my skin pret
  6. I've been using the Vivant 15% Mandelic serum (twice a day) for about 6 weeks now. I've definitely seen improvement in red marks and blackheads. At the beginning, it seemed to keep down any new outbreaks of inflamed acne. However, over the past two weeks, the inflamed stuff has started coming back and the Mandelic doesn't seem to be helping at all. I'm treating the active pimples with BP, but I hate using it because it's so drying. Has anyone developed a tolerance to Mandelic? Are there any str
  7. I've noticed that my skin is especially sensitive to anything touching it: hats, scarves, hair, headbands, etc. The cold weather has just set in here in Chicago, and there's no way I can go outside without a hat or a hood. Inevitably, it's going to rub around my forehead and the sides of my face. Any suggestions? Obviously, washing the hat regularly, but I'm afraid the rubbing alone (whether or not the hat is crawling with bacteria) is going to cause my skin to break out.