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  1. I wear makeup and i dont even put the bp on during the day, i only use it at night. i dont use it with makeup because im afraid it will show.
  2. I heard that cleaning your face too much itsnt good either. You should try to find a cleanser for very oily skin.
  3. I think the repairing lotion works good without the other 2 steps. I use the repairing lotion with a gentle cleanser and a moisturizer and it works great!
  4. I like Proactivs repairing lotion (2.5% BP) and Neutrogena on the Spot (2.5% BP).
  5. Try a cleanser or treatment made especially for clogged pores, i know theres a ton of cleansers and scrubs for them. Also theres Biore pore strips, i dont know how well those work though, never tried them.
  6. She was just trying to be helpful guys. Thank you barbie for your opinions
  7. I use neutrogena on the spot and a cleanser by reversion www.reversion.com, no toner, and Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion for Delicate Skin. I basically have the same skin type as you. this is whats helped me the most. ive tried alot of OTC things and ive tried proactiv. but i must warn you that you may at first get an intial breakout with the reversion cleanser, but after its been great for me.
  8. that probably is the initial breakout. i stopped using the salicylic acid because it hurt my skin too much. i think the reversion cleanser works better with BP and a moisturizer.
  9. seems like its just used to firm skin. i dont see anything about acne
  10. Neutrogena Healthy Skin cream powder makeup
  11. I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin cream powder makeup. i think its better than a foundation because you put in on with a sponge. i know i personally couldnt use makeup that had salicic acid in it because it would dry my skin even more along with the BP i use. The one i use make your skin look good and it doesnt dry it out. Hope this helps!
  12. I just spread it all over my face. more thickly probably where there is more pimples. After it dries I usually put on the moisturizer. if my face is really dry from the BP i put the moisturizer on first then after i dries i put the BP on. I suggested cetaphil cleanser for you because its gentle. but i use reversions cleanser . but i must warn you, it gives you an intial breakout at first. www.reversion.com so maybe you would be better to stick with the cetaphil or something similar.
  13. I used to use all of proactivs products together. But now i only use the repairing lotion. If I were you I would use a gentle cleanser without BP, like Cetaphil cleanser. And use Proactivs repairing lotion. This is what i do. I also use a moisturizer with it. I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin for Sensitive skin. I have more success with just proactivs repairing lotion with other products. Hope this helps a little.
  14. I noticed a lot of people who use cetaphil and purpose cleaners either with or without Dan's regimen. Are these cleanser good when you wear face makeup? Does it take it off good? Or does anyone have any suggestions for a good cleanser? Thanks