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  1. Is this the same as IPL? I had the same experience with IPL lasers, very expensive but VERY worth it!!! I now only have mild hormonal acne and before I had very severe cystic acne which notihng, not even accutane could contain
  2. I had about 5 IPL treatments two years ago which DRAMATICALLY improved my skin. I used to have very severe large cystic acne with pustules sometimes becoming over an inch in diameter. I did not react to the treatments badly in any way. My skin started clearing up within two weeks and I have since then only suffered minor hormonal acne. I have not had a single large pustule for over a year. I have a very light skin and they do say that the lasers are most effective for lighter skin types becaus
  3. I love the mac mineral foundations, they also have a hug range of shades including very light ones which is great for me. I have been using them for 2 years almost without any issues. My skin isn't perfect but it definitely isn't the makeup that is making it that way. Don't forget to wash your makeup brushes thoroughly with a surgical soap!!!!!!