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  1. I ended up buying this clean and clear cleansing stuff, neutrogena on-the-spot, and cetaphil daily facial moisturizer, SPF 15, even though the moisturizer says its "daily" and SPF15, can i still use it at night
  2. Awww, online only!? , my parents don't let me order stuff off the net, looks like im gonna hafta try some other bp's sorry Dan What other bp's are there anyway... i havent heard good thinsgs anout neutrogena (drying, flaking) so is there anything else??
  3. sry.. but uhmmmm bump? these stupid whiteheads are makin me so angry ! if i can get an approved solution asap, i can get rid of these!
  4. yep, i've seen terribly worse and i hope i never end up like those people, my condition is very mild. WoW Dan has his own bp!? its avaliable in the local pharmacy right? or do i have to do some special online order?. I'll make up a list of products i'll probably get and hopefully you guys can approve of it, im probably gonna follow the simple regimen of acne.org, nice and simple.
  5. im only 14, i had to shave once already , with a panasonic electric shaver my dad bought me, it works great, razor bumps? well u'll never hear about those again with an electric shaver, and it's impossible to cut yourself!
  6. I just watched the videos on "The Regimen" and im wondering if it will get rid of whiteheads? and that post above, isnt the blackhead scrub meant for blackheads and not my whiteheads? oh and what should i do about removing the scars above my lips? theres so many options i dunno what to choose =P
  7. Hey there, im new here, i finally got so annoyed by these whiteheads i finally decided to do something about it. Anyways, im only 14 and whiteheads are beginning to appear above my lips and under the nose (moustache area) one by one they keep coming. I have absolutely no clue at all on what i should do.. moisturize, toner, cleansers? or the other way around, i have no clue at all on what i should buy or begin doing, i have no idea whatsoever on the order of how i clean my face? i've read some of