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  1. After 10+ years of it You expect to become the person that you would have been had it not happened, but sadly it doesnt turn out that way, it deforms your personality to the point where it can't be repaired
  2. Just wondering.... And do you feel it has impeded your progress in life? i,e do you feel that you are not where you should be by this time in your life and do you blame acne as the root cause of this?
  3. LOL not sure what you mean exactly with that comment but, it reminds me of something, I used to know a boy in school, he would only talk to "beautiful people", only had "beautiful people" as friends and "ugly" people simply didn't exist in his world, he just ignored them, he ignored me. I saw him in a bar about 2 years ago, he was overweight,short, balding and missing a few teeth, he also had a short overweight nagging wife, the type that he didn't didn't even aknowledge the existence of ab
  4. I'm on my 4th week of accutane at 40mg, lately I'v been going to bed at 11pm and not getting to sleep until about 2am, then I have to get up at 7am for work and I'm constantly tired, I need more than 5 hours sleep to feel o,k...is this a normal reaction to accutane treatment? Also, I'm quite badly constipated eventhough I get plenty of fibre and my diet is mostly healthy. Is this a normal side effect of accutane use? It could be that they arn't related to my accutane use but I never had these pr
  5. I'v been training 4 days a week on weights 3 days a week cardio and also learning Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at weekends since I started my Accutane course, I havn't had any real problems so far, just a bit more acheyness the day after. I'm 4 weeks in. I think I posted a simular question when I first started, the general consensus seemed to be "just listen to what your body tells you"
  6. Great stuff, I was hoping this was the case. Nice to have that worry lifted off my shoulders Thanks for the speedy replies!
  7. I remember reading somewhere in this board that to stay clear long term you need to take a certain amount based on your body weight, I can't remember what the figure is though. Anyone know how much a 75kg male should be taking in total, or how the calculation works? I'm sure I'm not taking enough to reach the target amount in 6 months. Thanks -Matt
  8. Hi all, I'm on my 4th week of accutane and I'm staying at a friends for the weekend and I'v forgotten to bring my accutane with me, this means I will have to miss my 40mg daily dose tomorrow, I'm just wondering if anyone knows whether this will have a detremental effect on my treatment or will it be o,k to miss one days dose? I live about 60 miles away so I could drive home early if its that important to not miss a dose but if it isn't that important then I don't mind missing a day. Thanks Matt
  9. I'v been on Accutane for a week 20mg/40mg alternating and I'v been using creatine for about 4 weeks, I told one of my weight training friends at the gym today that I was taking Accutane and he said that I should stop the creatine because just like alcohol it can put excessive strain on the kidneys if taking Accutane at the same time. Is he correct about this? I don't see how it could be since creatine is derived from red meat, on the flip side though opium is "just" derrived from the poppy so..
  10. I do try to eat a healthy balanced diet but often its not easy due to life in general and the whole world revolving around crap food, and I someitmes cave in to junk etc and I think I'm probably not getting all the vitamins and minerals that my body needs. Anyway, I'm going to drink a healthy smoothie every day to make sure I'm getting atleast some goodness every day, the thing is I'm not really sure what fruits and vegetables to put into them to get maximum benifit, so if anyone could tell me
  11. Thanks And actually I did find the FAQ helpful when I actually read it properly instead of just scanning through looking for specific information, my bad, I'm a bit time-poor today
  12. I was hoping for some real opinions/ product feedback from real people rather than a cut'npaste from the FAQ but thanks anyway. I'm in the UK so many of the products listed there arn't in the shops here.
  13. I'm starting the 'tane next week so obviosly I want to get everything ready before I start, on saturday I'm going shopping for everything I'll need for my accutane course, things I'v thought of so far are A gentle cleanser.....which brand should I get? Some good moisturiser....again, I don't know which brand is best. Some chap stick for the dry lips or vasaline....again, which is best? Eye drops Shaving foam.....brand? Shaving razors....brand? (Can't go wrong with mach3, surely?) Eye moisturise
  14. Your liver and kidneys will already be taking a beatdown from the accutane, drinking alcohol will effectivly be kicking them while they are down.
  15. Thanks for the replies, its not so much the aches I'm worried about, I'm constantly aching anyway from my weight training, I find a few painkillers sorts that out. My main concern is that my skin will be very brittle tear easily when subjected to the stress of an armbar or a choke or even just from the chaffing of the Gi. What are peoples experience of this?
  16. Caffeine DEFFINATLY makes my skin worse, I drink 1 cup of coffee every morning it certainly doesnt help but I "need" it.
  17. Caffeine DEFFINATLY makes my skin worse, I drink 1 cup of coffee every morning it certainly doesnt help but I "need" it.
  18. Did your derm not tell you how much to take?
  19. if/when I get on Accutane will I have to give up my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu? its a big part of my life, I train 5 days a week, I don't know if I could handle not doing it for 6 months. What do people usually do in this situation?
  20. So, does the same apply to people who eat junk but don't have diabetes? Would you claim"diet has nothing to do with diabetes" Or,hat about people who eat peanuts and don't end up dead? They don't have a peanut allergy... No, people who eat junk but don't have acne, don't get acne because they arn't prone to it. Just like people who eat junk but don't end up in a diabetic coma- They arn't prone to the condition so they don't have to worry about it.