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  1. I have problems with my oily nose too. I use soft tissue (Kleenex) to wipe the oil whenever I feel my nose is running so to speak. I also use Biore nose strips to remove the junk from my nose. That I do once a month. For the strips to work very well you dab your nose with very warm water or hot if you can tolerate (not extremely hot you don't want to burn yourself). Basically the hot water opens up your pores. You then take the strip and quickly run it under the water, yes wet the strip. Then
  2. I'm sure it has. I don't consume much iron through foods...and I take One A Day multivitamin which does not contain iron.
  3. I just found out that Johnson & Johnson products contain quaternium-15 and dioxane that can cause cancer. Johnson & Johnson has said that it will take 2 years to remove those ingredients from their products. I been using Purpose for years and feel crappy about this whole issue. Purpose contains one of the chemicals quaternium-15 which releases formaldehyde; a skin, eye, and respiratory irritant, and a known carcinogen (formaldehyde exposure has been associated with leukemia specifi
  4. I gave up on the aha+ I "think" it helped a bit but my marks have not left. I gave up because it caused small white heads to appear on the red marks area I'm trying to clear, and frankly I don't want pus on my face. I been clear for awhile now and want to keep it that way. I will let them heal naturally and just ignore them. c'est la vigne that makes two of us with "blah" complexions lol Take care of yourself and thanks for the update! I'm outta here for now.
  5. Piece of cake. Create your album here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...ddnew&cat=5 Change password here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/change-password.html It could be this theme that might be confusing you. Takes awhile to learn all the navigation around here. You may want to change the forum theme to the default to get used to the settings. To change forum theme go the the very bottom of the forum and select "Spider" which is default and basic. Easier to look around unti
  6. They supposed to be runny. They are not thick or pastey. Make sure you close the lid tight on them. When opening the aha+ make sure head is not pointing down instead open with tail up.
  7. This is very hard to say which product is more effective. I can tell you that SA and AHA are two wonderful exfoliators and both should do a good job. I believe SA penetrates more deeper but I don't know if that makes any difference.
  8. How many days are you into the aha+? Tonight will be day 6 for me. I hope in two weeks time they look smaller. I'm glad to see it's working for you as well. I have tried so many things and I had given up and wanted to go all natural, but the reviews of the aha+ pulled me in. Strange about the dime size pink mark you got, I never had such a thing and I do hope it leaves quickly. Do you think the aha+ caused it? I'm happy to not wake up with breakouts from the aha+ cause that would ruin my wh
  9. Ok today is day 5 of using aha+ and I notice my marks do look lighter, they look faded. I am crossing my fingers and hope it's working. I also woke up with some small whiteheads on my left cheek, but I don't know whether it was the aha+ or facial hair that I shaved off today. I can't have facial hair it itches so maybe it could be that. Will keep ya posted!
  10. I crank the knob alot and I believe there is no correlation with acne. I'm a wankster!
  11. Have you tried calling your local post office to check if they are holding your package? Worth a shot. But I do find it very upsetting that they said they shipped your package but your account does not say it did nor did you get any email with a tracking number or a shipping confirmation.
  12. ^^^ Aww man that sux! But good you didn't let nothing go to waste! Tonight will be day 3 for me, and so far I am not seeing any changes on my marks. Still the same. Time will tell. btw this does not irritate my skin leaving but it does burn like hell if I apply it on my nose and near my nose in cheeks area. Also it got rid of a small zit which I don't even see it anymore.
  13. You should be getting a email response tomorrow. Today is Sunday.
  14. Same thing happened to my order in a way. I mean it shipped the next day I ordered, but status online order did not show it until I sent them an email few days ago.
  15. I know the feeling I too hate waiting for things! I get anxious, worried and stuff, but usually everything falls through in the end nicely.