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  1. I think there is a correlation between these two. Everytime I've drank there is at least a SMALL consequence appearing on my face a few days later. It doesn't break me out as bad as some other things but it usually does break me out everytime. IT sucks.... same happens with when I blaze. That gives me acne too... so no gettin wasted for me
  2. Well I workout every single day sometimes every other day though because my arms and chest hurt but when I do ... it's situps and push-ups and gets heavy not in a way I can have conversation with someone but this is what i'll do anyways whether it's good or bad and I do believe it helps me a lot with my acne because one time I didn't work out for a whole week and face wasn't so good and all. i'm out
  3. protein both whey and soy made be me breakout like a bitch.
  4. Alright I do feel a lil stupid reading this thread seeing we have such amazing people here as Antony and Bexy and others who all seem 100 times more intelligent than me and even their sentences is so well thought out and well put but I'm gonna post my feeling anyway. Some say diet is the MAIN thing but I disagree and don't for one second think I'm one of those that says diet doesn't AFFECT acne because I firmly believe it does but like many others I do believe it is NOT the cause at least not i
  5. I agree with Minnymouse, sugar gets addicitive lol I remember I was hooked on Pepsi like you would'nt believe. Had about 3 cans a day this was 3 years ago and my face was explodin with acne. Then I cut that out... ONLY jus the Pepsi and the difference it made was unbelieveable I must have gotten from 0.5% clear to 80% clear or seomthing. Then I learned I should also avoid donuts and things like that and so do that now for a year. I also drink min of 5 bottles per day and at least one apple and o
  6. 5-7 days later for me. I eat something bad or do something that I know will cause acne and 5 days after that I'll see the first sign of it and have that acne for a few days until it's gone.
  7. I saw initial improvements with every antibiotic i've been on until i got immune to them eXCEPT Erithromycin. Took this for 3 months and seemed like the most ineffective thing i've been on. Can't say my acne got worse because of it but it certainly didn't help while other things did especially on my first try of them like Tetra and Minocycline. That's my experience with it.
  8. well thing about me is I haven't had sweets for so long after 15-20 raisins I feel enough and don't WANT TO eat anymore but I understand that's probably nowhere near enough for it to work since you used to say eat a box a day to see results. Anyways in past 3 days i've been having more than 20 raisins so don't worry but to be honest i didn't want to have more because after that amount i have enough sugar and don't feel the need for it anymore but i jus ate to see how it would work.
  9. bfg, my last reply (last post on page 15) had gone unnoticed. As for Iarephel, I don't know if you're a boy or girl but I can tell you what Bfg said about zinc. I once had normal acne I have now which ain't so bad but someone told me I might have zinc difficieny so i bought some opti-zinc and had it and it broke me out SOooooooooooooooooo bad for few weeks even though i took only for 5 days or so that I regret to this day. IT broke me out same way creatine did and same way this MULTIVITAMIN di