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  1. I use the Tea Tree Oil Mask and Aloe Protective Restoring Mask from The Body Shop. They are both great.
  2. 25 year old male here and I just wanted to say this product line is the only thing that has worked to get rid of my acne and it has undone all the damage harsh acne products have done to my skin over the years...my skin has never looked so good!
  3. I started using it on my face...and thats when the cysts started forming. Its always worked great on my back though.
  4. My face has been clear for over a year until about a month ago...i started to break out again on my face and i have been using PanOxyl Bar on my back for a while and it works great. Well now I have about 5 huge cysts on my neck under my jaw.....ive never broken out this bad before. Do you think it will get better once these cysts clear up or should i stop using PanOxyl Bar on my face?
  5. Im on .1 % Tretinoin Cream (I guess this is Retin A) and i dont think it is doing a thing lol.
  6. My doctor just prescribed me this after taking me off tetracycline because I have become immune to it. Has this stuff worked for anyone? Also is it ok to apply retin a over this? Both directions say apply at bedtime.
  7. I didnt use any topicals. I just washed my face with Cetaphil. My doctor told me to use BP in the morning but i was using that for 4 years and it did nothing except stain my clothes so I stopped the BP completely when I started this.
  8. I take 250 MG in the morning and night, I am aslo on Retin A but i do not think that is doing anything because I also had bacne but that has cleared up. 3 months ago Now Pretty good progress so far, im just worried as to how long it will last.
  9. Im using a SA face wash and today was my 4th day on retin-a and my face is fine. I also use a 10 % BP in the morning so i might just have skin of steel.
  10. Well i went least week and and he prescribed me $10 Salycylic Acid which i didnt even get the prescription filled. I begged him for something better because i knew that woldnt work and he gave me these: Zapzyt 10% BP in the morning (not a presciption but he told me to buy it) 250 MG Tetracycline in the morning and night (is this the strong one?) tretinoin cream 0.05 % at night (what is this?) Have these worked for anyone?
  11. I used it for about 6 months and it did absolutly nothing except make my piss extremely bright.
  12. Hes crazy if he thinks im going to pay $10 a month for this crap. He said i have to try this for 4 months before i can go to a derm. Why the hell would he prescribe me with something that i can buy OTC for cheaper and when i told him ive already tried SA face wash's. OMG im so mad right now. Why do i have to see my doctor before i can see a derm? Im sure a derm would know a lot more than this guy.
  13. Get a job at home depot or something or take some classes at a community college.
  14. My grandpa and mom just told me how my face looks terrible. You cant really tell how bad it is by that picture. This is by far the worst breakout of my life. Ive tried everything under the sun for the last 6 years (except perscriptions) and nothing has worked.
  15. This is me 2 months ago...i thought i finnally out grew acne but nope it is back in full force now. This is me now. Im going to make my first appointment some time next week but i dont want to get perscribed something stupid like Retin-A. What are my chances of getting accutane?