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  1. BP probably works as well, but it stains your clothes so AHA is an alternative especially if you don't wear tighty whites or those grandma panties all the time.
  2. I had trouble with acne on the bottom and occasionally got bumps on my thighs as well. I believe it had a lot to do with my pants rubbing up against my thighs and when I would sweat if I had a particularly hard day at work running around and such especially on those hot, summer days. I would sporadically get those 'hair bumps' on my thighs and I don't know if it was because of my pants, harshly rubbing up against those areas or not. I also have to sit a lot at my job and that's been known to
  3. I have used that product years ago and also had redness and irritation. Just remember that it has a BP concentration of 10% which can irritate sensitive skin. I gave this product a try before I knew about BP percentages. I remember when I put it all over my neck one night and then woke up with a mark that seriously looked like a scarf outline. It was embarrassing! Start slow with BP and use a concentration of 2.5% if you decide to ever want to use it again.
  4. What type of gentle products are you using? Many OTC products that exfoliate are actually bad for your skin because they contain known irritants and fragrances (I would venture to guess you have to have super non-sensitive skin for those products to work). Anything with large exfoliant "beads" tears my skin up (and that would be by 'gently' rubbing it on my face). Seriously - check out Paula's Choice BHA's. I started out with the 2% BHA Gel and loved it but wanted a toner as well and was tol
  5. Have you tried this yet? I was wondering how it works. I just ordered the liquid because the CSR told me it can act as a toner as well as an exfoliant on the skin so I cannot tell you how it is, but I am on the 2% gel and it has given me great results and I hope the liquid works just as well. I have (had?) mild acne and skin redness/razor bump irritation (a lot of this had to do with shaving of course) and the BHA has worked wonders in curbing the redness, irritation and acne! I still ge
  6. Everyone's skin is different. Everything you read on this site is the basis of one person. Something that works for one person may work for another but it isn't absolute. You're just going to have to try it for some time and see. I, personally, don't recommend the only washing face/drink water routine if your skin dries out easily as your body will produce more and more oil which can clog your pores and create acne
  7. A little late, but jojoba oil in combination with moisturizer controls flakiness of the skin caused by elements that dry it out (such as BP/sun/wind/etc). I also know that many massage places use it as a massage oil as well. When I got my jojoba oil from the website I noticed that it said it can be used for "shave prep". I thought 'what the hay' and put it onto my face and neck before applying my Aveeno Shaving Gel. Since I've started doing this a month ago, it really does work well. And
  8. I just had my second visit with the dermatologist and I am going to cancel my next appointment after the holidays. He was nice enough but I literally counted how many minutes I was in the exam room - six minutes. I paid 40 dollars for six minutes. It took me longer to drive to his office. It's been about two months and I have seen next to no improvement other than what I changed in my regimen (using different shaving products) on my own free will. I may go looking for another derm., but I m
  9. Yup, everyone is different. I read about how exercisin causes the sweat to open the pores and it cleanses the skin (although you are supposed to shower right after so the sweat doesn't stay on your body too long). But I too started breaking out (including places other than my face) after I started exercising/eating better on a routine basis. I also hike a lot and being outside for hours on end sweating out of every pore of your body and having it sit cannot be good (even wiping it off spradic