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  1. Day 9 Well around day 6 or 7 I started breaking out, and it's only gotten worse. My facial acne is worse now than it's ever been. I'm only hoping this is part of the process.
  2. Day 5 So this is where the excitement ends and the misery begins... I woke this morning to a face that appeared mildly sunburned, and has pain similar to a sunburn upon making facial expressions. The pain is especially prevalent in the creases of my nose.
  3. Day 4 Today went well. I'm noting some itching, along with burning when applying lotion after cleaning. I also noticed skin peeling slighly below my lip after showering.
  4. I've been reading your journal and really am looking forward to all these wonderful side effects you've mentioned! lol It sounds like it tough, but it's doing it's job for you, just stay strong! when did your oil production start to slow down all and all?
  5. Day 2 Well I began day two and already some side effects are occurring. The first day I had a terrible headache and some photo sensitivity, and some vicodin knocked it out. Today I'm headache free, but with some burning eyes. No noticeable change on skin oil production. I'm nipping the dryness in the bud with SPF45 Lotion on the face, and aquaphore on the lips. When did you all notice oil production to stop? Thanks again for all your kind words too, this whole process has me pretty nervous,
  6. Congrats on starting Soret Kimoko, keep us posted! I just started myself and look forward to seeing how it works out for you. Don't let the red tape of it all get to you either with the doctors. These few months could very well change your life! Keep up the great work.
  7. Thanks dude, good to know I'm not the only one getting raped on the price.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. It's reassuring to see I'm not the only one getting raped financially on this.

    1. I went on it for back acne mainly, let me know when yours starts to react since you're a few days ahead of me. I don't know about accutane, but when I was on it's sister product Retin-A, my skin got this sensation right before it started to shed itself.
    2. Accutane is a Vitamin-A derivative, meaning it's made from the Vitamin-A model. There are a few vitamins in the human diet that are hydrophobic, meaning they have an affinity to fat lipids and really like being around it, Vitamin-A is one of them. Due to this it's best absorbed with fatty foods. Another good example is the Vitamin-D/Milk relationship, in that Vitamin-D is evolutionarily beneficial in milk due to the increase absorption with the milk fat. North American diet's are pretty high in
    3. So my insurance has a 1,000$ copay before they start paying for anything. With a little shopping around I got it from being 3,000$ for the medication for the course of the treatment to 1345$ for my 5 month course. Let me tell you how! because I think this is important. I first called around to all the local pharmacies in the area, and out of my area. I found walmart to be the cheapest. 600$ for the generic month supply (60 capsule of 40mg Claravis) at cvs, vs. 289.99 at my local walmart. I then
    4. So I've decided to start Accutane. Today was my initial consult/approval and bloodwork. I knew Accutane had some hoops, but I had no idea it would be like this. For men as well as women you must go through an approval process with your doctor or dermatologist followed by hoops from a third party control agency called Ipledge. I had to get multiple labs (bloodwork) done including cholesterol levels, and then sign an ipledge questionaire basically spelling out the fact that this medicine could