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  1. I too had fungal foliculitus on my chest. It was maddening. For years I treated it like acne with salacylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, exfoliant, etc. none of which seemed to help. When I read about fungal folliculitus I tried a combination of Nizoral shampoo and twice daily application of various over the counter anti-fungals for athletes foot. I also continued to exfoliate assuming it would make the other medications more effective. While it was very slow to respond, I was eventually able to
  2. Actually I think I will get it. Have you tried it?
  3. Def can't leave on strong glycolic acid! Oh and I guess I should have added that in between the glycolic I use Stridex SA pads 2-3 times per day. I know I know that must sound like a lot of acid but it really works. I'm clear and not dry. I've concluded over time that I just don't like BP. I've never found it completely effective no matter what strength I used or how much I applied plus I have ruined countless shirts, sheets, and towels with its bleaching. The "cure" of BP was almost wo
  4. I would get this, but I'm loving glycolic acid these days.
  5. Just to be clear, I don't think you'd want to "dilute with moisturizer". This product is intended to be rinsed off almost immediately, so the way you "dilute" it is really by using it less time on the skin. I do agree to start slow, it's acid, and it's strong... and it stings! I don't know that I have tough skin, though I guess maybe I'm oily enough that I'm not super sensitive to BP? I continue to be really pleased with glycolic acid and use every two or three days. I would love to hea
  6. You'd think if they put BP in a face wash they'd put it in a shave cream. Which stays on the face longer?
  7. It's hard to find the right balance. Products like benzoyl peroxide and salacylic acid actually work well together because they do different things. The salacylic acid opens pores and exfoliates while the benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria and reduces oil production. Because the salacylic acid unblocks pores, it actually makes benzoyl peroxide more effective. Where it becomes a problem is if you use TOO much your skin can become irritated and then actually get worse. The hard part is findin
  8. I have been a member here for over ten years and tried everything for my adult Acne. Proactiv. Dan's regimine. Nothing really worked for me, and anything wth benzoyl peroxide ruins clothes, towels, and sheets. I always liked the glycolic acid toner in the Proactiv kit so I looked on Amazon and found a glycolic acid "peel". It's very strong, it's meant to be left on for several minutes then washed away once a month. It doesn't make you peel like a sunburn, but more like a fine ashy peel
  9. I buy 40% Glycolic Acid peel on Amazon from "Skin Obsession" and I have to tell you it is AMAZING. I tried Proactiv. I tried Dan's regimine too. Nothing came close to Glycolic Acid for me. Even though it is marketed as a "peel" I use it every other day as more if a toner (got the idea from Proactiv). Stubborn little forehead and temple acne that just would not ever go away are gone. My skin is less oily and I feel like it's younger looking. In fact, my skin looks the best it h
  10. It seems Salicylic Acid is in everything, cleansers, lotions, etc. but why not a shaving cream? I realize that it wouldn't be on the skin that long, so perhaps not super effective, but it couldn't hurt right?
  11. It seems BP is in everything, cleansers, lotions, etc. but why not a shaving cream? I realize that it wouldn't be on the skin that long, so perhaps not super effective, but it couldn't hurt right?
  12. Scabies? Might want to add probiotics to your diet to put back all the stuff that the antibiotics killed. As I understand it, when the bacteria are wiped out by antibiotics the yeast then takes over unchecked. Look at yogurt, probiotics beverages, kefir, etc. It's hard to pin down what worked, but I feel like it helped. Also, Nizoral is amazing!
  13. I have tried using BP constantly, several times a day at 2% even 10%. It helped, but ever got me clear, particularly on my forehead. I also had folliculitis on my chest (red bumps) where BP had no affect. After a lot of on-line research, I started to believe I had fungal folliculitis or "candidiasis". From what I read, if you drink a lot of alcohol like me, or have taken antibiotics (I'd had some for an STD), you kill off the good bacteria and the yeast takes over. This made sense, because B