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  1. Lexie, Sorry for not replying sooner. This youthful essence product is WONDERFUL!!!!! I use it three times a week to exfoliate my skin and it's the best product i've ever purchased!! The few red marks I have are almost completely gone. I'm telling you, this is the best money you will ever spend on an exfoliator/microdermabrasion home treatment!!! I was worried that it would make my skin worse, but, it hasn't at all. My skin has never looked this good!! When you first get the kit, you're t
  2. I would suggest the product called Youthful Essence. It's a microdermabrasion treatment you use at home. It's a wonderful product!! I've been using it faithfully three times a week and my red spots are almost completely gone. This exfoliating treatment is made with vitamins a,c, and e in a cream base formula. I was worried about it breaking me out more, but my skin's the clearest it's ever been. The best part is you can use this system with your own skincare line. I'm using Dan's skincare
  3. I have just starting using Cetaphil lotion and I really like it. I'm currently using Klaron lotion and Retin-a-micro so my skin's very dry. It's dry in the winter anyway without being on medication. Cetaphil is a good moisturizer that's not greasy but it does keep your skin soft and smooth. Hopefully it will work for you too!! Lola
  4. Lexie, I will give you a report in a few weeks. I know what you mean though about scratching your blemishes. I would give them some time to heal. Especially if they have been picked at and are sore. I promise though, this product is extremely gentle on your skin. I have sensitive skin too so I know what you're going through. I will update you in the next few weeks! Lola
  5. Lexie, I got my youthful essence on Saturday and have been using it since Saturday night. I love this product!! I have been needing to use an exfoliator but have found that the store bought ones just scratch and irritate my face and make it break out more! However, this product doesn't do that at all! The cream is consists of granules but they are soft, not scratchy. If you're looking for something to get rid of marks, this will help also. It helps get rid of the dead skin cells that
  6. Lexie, I will let you knwo how it works out for me. I'm still waiting to receive it. I've heard nothing but good things. I need to exfoliate but my skin's so sensitive that all of the products at the stores scratch my face badly and make it break out worse. However, it's a money back guarantee so if it doesn't work, you can send it back!! I have ordered a few things off infomercials and have had to send them back for one reason or another and have always gotten my money back without any h
  7. FYI...my best friend is a pharmacist and she says that there's not any antibiotic that doesn't counteract with the bc pill. I would just use extra protection until you're not taking the medication anymore. I would definately talk to your dermatologist about this. Hope this helps. Lola
  8. I know EXACTLY what you're going through!! I have been on this stuff since November 8th and it has cleared up my skin somewhat. However, I haven't seen a completely clear face since my wedding in July. My derm put me on this. It will make your skin look terrible for about 6 -7 weeks. Dry, broken out, you name it!! However, I found the website extremely helpful; www.retinamicro.com and it will tell you how long the stages will last and what to expect to happen to your skin. Don't stop usin
  9. I have heard that it's not ok to do this. It takes the effects away from the retin-a. I would recommend using the rein-a only at night and wash your face as usual (in the morning) and use a moisturizer afterwards. If you use the retin-a under your makeup, you will peel. I use Klaron lotion in the morning. It's a watery lotion but it does help with the dryness. I would talk to your derm to see what type of lotion he or she recommends. Talk to the derm first for a type of lotion before you
  10. I have been using Zia sunblock for about 3 years now and I love it!! It's hypo allergenic and non comedogenic. I have to wear sunscreen all summer and this is the only thing I have found that won't make your face break out. I used to use the Zia skincare line until a few months ago when it broke me out really badly. However, the sunblock hasn't given me any trouble. Now, whether you can wear it under makeup or not, I honestly haven't tried that before. I just wear it alone in the summer to
  11. Where do you find these products? I'm always interested in finding something new. Is there a website or a store where the products can be purchased? I would appreciate your comments. Lola
  12. My dermatologist told me that you aren't supposed to use BP with salicylic acid products. It causes one product not to work well with the other one. If you're going to use the BP, I would change to the Neutrogena makeup without the salicylic acid. Hope this information helps. Lola
  13. FYI...for anyone who's interested in the Bare Escentuals kits. I don't know if you have these store around but there is a store called Ulta 3 where you can purchase the kit at the store instead of having to wait for it to be shipped to you. I live in Dallas, TX so I pretty much have any store I could ever think of. I would go to www.ulta3.com and find out if there's a store near your area. Hope this helps some of you who are interested!! Lola
  14. I just ordered Youthful Essence this morning. I'm so excited and can't wait to use it!! The only thing i'm worried about is I have somewhat sensitive skin so we'll see what happens. After using this product, did you start getting new pimples? Just curious about that. I probably won't receive my product until the end of the month!! Thanks for the advice and I look forward to receiving my youthful essence product! Lola
  15. Has anyone out there tried this product? I was wanting to order it but i'm on Cetaphil and Klaron lotion (Daytime regimen) and Cetaphil and Retin a micro (nighttime regimen) so i'm not sure if this would help me or not. I have some annoying brown spots from acne that I want to get rid of. I'm 28 years old and i'm starting to notice some unevenness in my skin tone. I saw the infomercial on this on Sunday and wanted to get opinions on this product. I have sensitive skin so I think the microde