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  1. well i'm not sure if acne is caused by different things in the different parts of the face but i have read multiple times that jawline acne is caused by hormones. i was wondering if anyone knew the cause of acne on the forehead, cheeks, temples, etc.
  2. i think the reason is that someone is more likely to post about how it didn't work. and then people can debate why it didn't and stuff like that. then in the few posts were someone says that it has worked there isn't much to talk about so the replies are few. thats my theory. and by the way the regimen is working for me and im on week 7
  3. i'm afraid the pizza has got to go, there are other harmful things in it than just the cheese
  4. i would say the head and shoulders is good because of the zinc. and if it's working for you keep doing it
  5. i heard sea salt can be real good. so if you live near the beach, take a dip
  6. i once went a week with only using water. it didn't look a whole lot worse but im better off using BP. i guess each persons acne is different and we all just need to find our thing
  7. congrats on clearing up. but remember that everyone reacts differently to each medication. if this was the miracle gel word would get around very quickly
  8. i'm so glad i ordered two of the biggest things of BP it would suck to go so long and then run out and have to virtually start over
  9. you can't blame people for trying to be perfect
  10. look at seal, the man is sexy and has huge scars. and he has heidi klum