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  1. The fact that she has a huge ego explains alot. This person isn't your friend. A friend is someone who has compassion for you.
  2. I have hairs inbetween my eyebrows and I couldn't give less of a shit. If a girl is turned off by my slight unibrow then she'll be a hell of alot more turned off by my scarring.
  3. This might come off as lame, I dunno, but I'd pay so much money to have a forehead like yours. I think I have some of the worst scarring here on the board, and it's only on my forehead. Your scarring doesn't look too bad to me, and that is an honest statement, I'm not just saying it to be nice.
  4. All I listen to is metal in the first place, but power metal seems to cheer me up.
  5. Kaz, I have some acne scarring on my face that most people would consider severe. The thing is, I just try not to pay attention to it. Yes, my skin is permanetly damaged and there isn't anything that fixes it overnight but there is more to life than just skin; even in a world obsessed with aesthetic beauty you can find serenity within yourself. Being optimistic about life is always a good thing. Even when you are feeling really down you have to realize that things do turn around.
  6. Unhappy, I also found this site after my laser treatment. The thing is, some dermatologists and plastic surgeons will do nearly anything to make a sale. I even had one try to get me to do a thermage(sp?) treatment.
  7. If I don't get the shot I'll try out silicone patches. I've heard mixed reviews about them, though I think alot of their healing properties rely on how long/often you wear them.
  8. I had an erbium/co2 laser procedure last summer with minimal improvement. It was not worth the price.
  9. I have a raised hypertrophic scar about the size of dime on my face. Would a cortisone shot be a good idea to get rid of it? I have had one laser procedure done last summer and it did little next to nothing. Thanks in advance.
  10. If I had means to I'd post pictures of my hypertrophic scar. It's right on my forehead and it's just nasty. I hope these products work for you, I truely do.
  11. your story sounds very promising, acnegirl. Thanks for the insight, it gives me a significant amount of hope.
  12. I wouldn't want a girl who was soley interested in money. You are right though, alot of gorgeous women date dudes just because they can rub some coin together.
  13. Hey wolfkeeper, I'm not one to start an arguement and I apologize for coming off like that earlier.